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Chris Gerrish, chair of American Heart Association Collin County Heart Ball, recalls heart attack

Maintaining good heart health is key for living a long, healthy life.

Maintaining good heart health is key for living a long, healthy life. While many people understand that eating healthy and exercising are essential for maintaining good overall health, there are other factors which could lead to heart attacks or cardiac arrests. In many cases, some people may not realize that their heart isn’t in optimal health.

Medical professionals and patients alike believe that many people aren’t aware of the state of their own hearts’ health. Chris Gerrish, chair of American Heart Association Collin County Heart Ball recalls being treated at Baylor Heart Hospital following a heart attack in 2011. 

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“I was at a birthday party for a friend, and then I went down,” Gerrish recalls, “Luckily, there were a couple of people there who knew CPR, so they performed CPR on me. I was at Stonebriar Country Club, and they had a defibrillator there, so they used a defibrillator on me.”

Gerrish later went to Baylor Heart Hospital and had a stent put in. Prior to the heart attack, Gerrish was unaware of the severity of his heart problems.

“I was having what I thought was indigestion,” Gerrish recalls, “but it was on the right side, not on the left. I’d take two tums, it would go away, and I didn’t think too much about it.”

At the hospital, Gerrish learned that there was 100 percent blockage in his main artery and 60 percent blockage in another.

Following the events, Gerrish learned to take better care of his heart. He emphasizes the importance of making regular visits to the doctor and staying up to date on his personal health and wellness.

“After my heart attack, I went and got CPR certified and AED certified,” Gerrish says. “I recommend that everyone goes in for routine check-ups and has a primary care physician that they see regularly. I go to Baylor Heart Hospital regularly, and my mother actually received a triple bypass surgery from Baylor Heart Hospital recently.”

To this day, Gerrish is grateful for the medical care he received at Baylor Scott & White – The Heart Hospital. It has since become his go-to hospital for anything heart-related.

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“We have one of the best heart hospitals in the country,” Gerrish says. “There’s no reason not to take advantage of it. I’ve seen it firsthand, not only with myself, but also with my family. The care you receive there is truly spectacular.”

Chris Gerrish, alongside his wife, Lisa, will host the 5th Annual Collin County Heart Ball and Celebrity Chef Dinner. This event will take place Saturday, November 9 at the Omni Frisco Hotel. To make a donation or purchase tickets, visit here.