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Studio 6 Fitness Gives You the Good Kind of Burn

As a habitual morning gym attendee, I would consider myself in pretty good shape.
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As a habitual morning gym attendee, I would consider myself in pretty good shape. I can run a mile well under 10 minutes, and I lift pretty heavy weights regularly, so I was very excited to try a class at the newly opened Studio 6 Fitness at Lakeside Market on Spring Creek and Preston.

Founded in 2012 by Elizabeth Lindberg, Studio 6 Fitness provides effective, efficient and rehabilitative workouts. The science is rooted in six key principles: core, strength, balance, flexibility, endurance and spirit.

I attended a special Booty Barre class and was feeling pretty good about it even though my quads were sore from leg day. That was mistake number one and two; making assumptions and going to the class already sore.

Celebrity Trainer and former “Survivor” contestant Piper Michelle Teaches at Studio 6 Fitness in Plano.

Growing up as a dancer I was excited to do some barre work, although I knew it wouldn’t be anything like ballet. And it wasn’t, aside from holding the barre for balance and switching between first and second position (feet together or a little wider than shoulder width apart, respectively).

After a warm-up at the barre, we did a series of pliés with a resistance band around our knees and lots of pulsing, which is how Studio 6 Fitness gets members to feel their signature burn. And oh, did it burn, but in the best way possible. I even had to break from the routine and shake my legs out a few times so that I didn’t completely keel over.

From there we moved to the Megaformer machine. Created by celebrity trainer, Sebastian Lagree, the Megaformer workout is a high intensity, low-impact workout that has grown into one of the most popular workouts in boutique studios.

On the machine we worked our abs with slow, controlled movements that really reached the deep muscles in the abdomen. Our knowledgeable instructor guided us the whole way and was able to help us individually if we were struggling with the coordination of a movement. Lastly, we did a booty burnout using Pilate movements to not only make the booty muscles burn, but to create that nice curved shape so many women want to attain.

Once again, the burn hurt, but it hurt so good.

Overall the class was fun, high-energy and made me work up a sweat without lifting heavy weights or doing intense cardio work, which for many people due to injuries or other aliments is impossible for them to do those activities. Even with my own wrist injury, the instructor was able to give me modifications throughout the class.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a new, exciting workout because that elliptical just doesn’t look appealing, or you’re a gym rat looking to mix up your routine Studio 6 Fitness has a spot for you. For more information and pricing check out Studio 6 Fitness here.