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Local Profile’s 2023 Women in Business: Psyche Terry

Women in Business brings together over 600 influential women from various sectors such as global enterprises, non-profit organizations, small businesses and government agencies within the North Texas community.
Photo: Psyche Terry

Women in Business brings together over 600 influential women from various sectors such as global enterprises, non-profit organizations, small businesses and government agencies within the North Texas community. It serves as a platform to celebrate, unite and empower the leading ladies of the DFW area.

On September 8, 2023, women across North Texas have the opportunity to connect with notable guest speakers, participate in enlightening panel discussions and meet like-minded professionals.

Meet one of our speakers:

Psyche Terry, recently crowned America’s Most Beautiful, 2022 Mrs. Texas is a fashion and beauty expert and a co-founder and CEO of UI Global Brands, a global manufacturer and nationwide marketer of consumer products with its keystone clean beauty brand, Urban Hydration. Terry funds college scholarship programs for students majoring in business at the Haworth College of Business. She also sits on the board of directors for both the Boys & Girls Clubs of Collin County and the WMU Alumni Association Board. Psyche has done countless local and national media interviews including being featured in Good Morning America, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Steve Harvey Show, ESPN and Fox News.

What is the biggest challenge women face in the workforce? How can they overcome it? 

My biggest challenge as a woman in the workforce unfortunately can be other women. As a title holding beauty queen, Mrs. Texas USA Ambassador Queen 2023, I love to have the actual challenge of other women. I noticed the difference in how women support each other in the beauty pageant industry versus the corporate work environment. We not only all compete for the same title but if a woman needs tape for extra swimsuit support or help clasping a bra her competitor is right there to help. And if a challenger doesn’t win we are also first in line to hug and support our “girl” as queen. The workforce could use a little beauty pageant etiquette. Realizing we are sometimes competing for the same attention or even job, but we should be self aware enough to not only be respectful but also responsible to cheer for and support each other. 

What's your biggest motivation?

My biggest motivation happens when others’ lives are changed from my problem solving. The products I made were originally formulated to help me and my family. Had we stopped there, we would be satisfied. But some 30,000 stores later allow us to reach more people, providing us the opportunity to solve problems for millions of people each year. When people email explaining we changed their lives because now they can wear things they’ve never worn because of our nourishing body care or that they love their hair more now because of our curly hair products or that their acne is clear because of our face wash I’m motivated to solve more of their and our life problems. 

How do you change a company's culture to promote inclusivity and diversity? What are you leaving for future women now that wasn't there before? 

Our team is entirely diverse. We proudly represent our mass retail and pharmacy customers internally within our corporate walls so that we can better relate and understand our customers’ needs and concerns better. Leading with women in beauty is a new trend in the past 10 years. As a 13-year-old company, we have been responsible for helping change the narrative for large retail to try and trust small women-led brands and initially consider us first to solve their customers’ challenges. 

What was the most difficult decision you’ve made in your career so far? 

Starting a skincare factory at 30+ weeks pregnant was my hardest decision. I had no inventory and no way of getting 50,000 ordered units to my customers. I take honor and follow through very seriously. Our customers ordered products from me right before my local factory closed its doors, making it impossible for me to meet demand. We decided to do it ourselves. We opened a 40-man factory on sheer desperation and determination. We were late with the orders but we delivered safely and I also delivered a healthy baby girl too. 

What was your breakthrough moment?

My breakthrough was when we became the fastest and best-selling black-owned and black-founded skincare brand. When we became number 16 of all-natural face moisturizers everything changed for us. This was thanks to prayer and Selena Gomez going viral telling 40 million fans on TikTok that she found our products in CVS. 

What advice do you have for women hoping to break through? 

Stay honorable and authentic to what makes you unique. Find your customers wherever they may be and tell your story over and over to them. Stay faithful and prayerful. Your breakthrough will come. It always does. 

How do you promote a healthy environment for yourself and your employees? 

We offer mental wellness days. We made up health days which are to only be used if you are sick. We made it clear that this is different from vacation days. We realized people were working while sick to be able to take a vacation. We want our team members healthy and happy. We offer matching 401(k) and full benefits even as a small company. 

What is your most noteworthy achievement as an agent of change? What are you most proud of? 

When I became an entrepreneurship professor at Texas A&M tied for when we built wells in Kenya to serve more than 100,000 people. Those two moments in my life helped my meaning have meaning. 

How long should you be willing to fail before you succeed?

Fail until you fortune. There is so much to be learned from failing. You learn what not to do and what didn’t work. This answers questions and provides a thesis of what works.

 If you had to start all over again, what would you do differently? 

What would you keep the same? If I had to redo it all, I’d do it all the same and add more vacations! 

What do you do if you find yourself in situations where things are not going the way you want them to? 

When things aren’t working the way I need them to I usually fast. Fasting and prayer are my go-to’s. It allows me to take a break and focus on something totally different. It allows for clarity, which almost always leads to a win. 

What's the best advice you've received in your career? Who gave it to you? 

The best advice I received was don’t be afraid to ask for help. I took that too far at one point and started to tell people I needed them and without them, I couldn’t go on. There is a fine line between trusting people, trusting yourself and trusting God—it’s a delicate balance.

Who is your biggest role model? How can you be a role model to others? 

My biggest role model is my best friend and husband. He is patient and resourceful. He is a great business partner and father, and the best operations officer a girl could ask for. 

What is your motto? 

Be honorable. Be a better maker and help people have happy, healthy lives. 

What book do you recommend every professional woman read? 

The Bible. I think Titus 2:4 is the truth.

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