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$20 Million Main Street Revitalization Begins In Frisco, Texas

The city embarks on a major downtown renewal project
Photo: City of Frisco

The city of Frisco embarks on a significant phase of its downtown revitalization effort starting Monday, July 8, as construction begins on Main Street. This ambitious project aims to transform the historic thoroughfare into a vibrant urban center, enhancing its appeal for both residents and visitors.

The project will span from 1st to 3rd Streets and necessitate the removal of on-street parking throughout downtown. Traffic management will adapt, directing eastbound vehicles to the north side of Main Street, where they will share lanes with westbound traffic during construction.

"Main Street will never be closed," said Jason Brodigan, P.E., director of engineering services in an official statement. "We are committed to keeping at least one lane open in each direction at all times."

Expected to take about 18 months and costing approximately $20 million, the initiative aligns with Frisco's broader Downtown Master Plan adopted by the city council in 2018. Mayor Jeff Cheney underscored the city's vision to cultivate a dynamic urban core, emphasizing the creation of communal spaces and cultural venues.

As previously reported by Local Profile, Mayor Jeff Cheney highlighted the significance of revitalizing the downtown core during the Frisco Rail District groundbreaking ceremony. "Every world-class city has a great downtown," said Cheney. He emphasized the project's commitment to preserving the historical essence of the Rail District while infusing it with modern amenities and attractions. “This is going to be an area where life seems to slow down, where you just want to walk and stroll, go to a restaurant and shop, listen to some live music." 

The comprehensive downtown renewal project, totaling over $68 million, includes enhancements beyond Main Street, such as the completion of Elm Street, the development of 4th Street Plaza, and the construction of a new parking garage.

“Our traffic patterns are going to shift from time to time,” said Brodigan.  “But it’s always helpful to everybody if you slow down and pay extra attention to the ongoing construction.”

The downtown redevelopment project is estimated to be completed in early 2026. For further updates on the project's progress, interested parties can visit the official website by clicking here.

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