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$63 Million Raised During 2023 North Texas Giving Day

$20 million was raised during early giving

The 15th annual North Texas Giving Day made a big impact on the community this year, and a massive $63,894,583 was collected from donors. The day began with nearly $20 million from early giving donations.

NTX Giving Day is a community-wide online fundraising event spanning 18 hours, providing an opportunity for individuals to contribute to charitable organizations. The program is administered by the Communities Foundation of Texas, which garnered $62.6 million in donations in 2022 alone, thanks to the support of 94,385 donors benefiting 3,210 local nonprofits.

This year’s event commenced at 6 a.m. on Sept. 21, allowing donors until midnight to contribute to more than 3,200 nonprofit organizations. The festivities of giving extended beyond the online sphere, with many local communities actively participating. This year saw an impressive turnout of over 261,000 donations from more than 94,000 donors.  

By 12 p.m. on Sept. 21, more than $30.5 million was raised for almost 4,000 organizations. By the end of the day, the giving totaled $63.8 million — $1.2 million more than last year. 

"North Texans, you have once again proved that the power of community is stronger when we come together," Communities Foundation of Texas said. "For the 15th year, we have rallied around the nonprofits in our community to uplift, support, volunteer and donate so they may continue their vital work."

Leading with the most donations was the North Texas Food Bank with $1.4 million in donations. Westlake Academy Foundation came in second, raising $1 million in donations. 

Thanks to an anonymous donor to My Possibilities, when donations were made between 8 - 9 a.m., the gift was matched dollar-for-dollar up to $20,000. Then, Janet and Victor Aaron matched donations up to $10,000 between 12 - 1 p.m, as well as Ashley and Chris Kleinert from 8 - 9 p.m. 

The day of giving is something we will see back for years to come, and remember giving is not just for one day of the year!

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