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Apartment Development Approved For Downtown Plano

The complex will be split into two buildings
Photo: Johnny Habell | Shutterstock

Downtown Plano is set to receive over 300 new multifamily units as the Plano City Council gave the green light to a zoning change during its meeting on April 10, 2023

Trinsic Residential, an apartment developer, will develop 5.2 acres of land on J Place into 307 multifamily units. The land is located to the north of SH 190 and shares a border with Richardson.

The zoning change was approved by a vote of 6-1, with Council Member Anthony Ricciardelli being the sole dissenting voice, while Council Member Shelby Williams abstained from the vote.

Ricciardelli expressed concern regarding the deviations from the city's current comprehensive plan, citing the development's closeness to the highway and the density of residential units in the area.

The Council decided to classify the development as a transit-oriented one since it is located near the CityLine/Bush Dallas Area Rapid Transit Station and the upcoming 12th Street Silver Line Station. 

Councilmember Maria Tu expressed her support for the development and emphasized the need for careful attention and dedication to ensure that the project represents Plano well. Tu added that a visually appealing redevelopment could potentially lead to more corridor and downtown redevelopment in the city.

“East Plano has waited 30-something years for something to be developed in that area,” Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Maria Tu said. “I would like to see that some heart and some passion put into so that whatever is ultimately developed there would represent the city of Plano.”

The complex will include a parking structure between the residential units and SH 190. It is mandatory for 10% to 20% of the development to be active open space, like dog parks, playgrounds or other facilities.

The development plans to include two buildings, one with a central garden, courtyard and pool. A floodplain located to the south will retain some of the property's green space. The proposed apartments will replace a lumber yard, outdoor storage for a contractor and a one-story industrial warehouse that currently occupies the site.