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Bank Jugging On The Rise In Frisco, Texas

The FPD recommends that residents utilize numerous precautions to avoid falling victim to these crimes
Photo: Daniel Tadevosyan | Shutterstock

The Frisco Police Department (FPD) advises locals to exercise caution to avoid being a victim of "bank jugging" and advises how to stay protected.

According to The Dallas Express, bank jugging is a crime that involves robbers staking out potential victims in bank parking lots or near ATMs, then proceeds to follow these victims to their next stop with the purpose of robbing them.

Criminals that engage in bank jugging will normally target people who have taken out substantial sums of money from a bank teller or ATM, The Dallas Express explained. The unlawful act of bank jugging has recently been on the rise in Frisco, Texas.

Officer Joshua Lovell of the Frisco Police Department said in an interview with the The Dallas Morning News that the department had responded to 23 bank jugging-related reports in the area since 2021.

Bank jugging has not only been rising in Frisco though. The crime has also been increasing in other areas of the United States, which includes the Los Angeles area.

In light of the rise in bank jugging incidents, what can Frisco residents do to avoid becoming a victim to this crime?

According to a Facebook post, the FPD recommends that residents take numerous precautions — such as monitoring their surroundings, concealing money before leaving the bank and to avoid leaving money in unattended vehicles.

Lt. Derek Green, a member of the Burbank Police Department, said in an interview with KTLA that he recommends that people listen to their instincts amidst potential incidents.

“We just need to be aware of our surroundings at all times,” Green said. “If there’s something that doesn’t look right, it probably isn’t. Trust your instincts, get ahold of the police, and if you think you’re being followed, drive to your nearest police station or place of safety.”