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Eat 2-Foot-Long Cheeseburger At A Texas Rangers Game

Go on, you know you want to
Photo: Dorti | Shutterstock

The Texas Rangers added some high-profile players to the team for this season. But players aren’t the only thing they added. They also added some high-profile food. 

At Globe Life Field, you can choose what to eat from 100-plus options. But this year, according to Eater Dallas, the ballpark is taking this further by adding new unique snacks and drinks to the menu.

Boomstick Burger (section 132)

This two-foot-long burger is filled with chili, nacho cheese, jalapenos and crispy onion rings on top of a beef patty and served on a fresh-baked brioche bun. The burger costs $35 but is big enough to feed four people!

Brisket Croissant (sections 3,123 and 230)

This croissant isn’t just like any other croissant. It contains slices of brisket between layers of croissant and a donut-style glaze is poured on top of it. A great choice for Texas BBQ lovers!

Corn Ribs (sections 3, 121 and 230)

This veggie snack features ears of corn on the cob split into “ribs,” covered in spicy lime crema, cotija cheese and Tajin.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Pretzel (sections 3, 12, 121, 208 and 233)

Okay, so pretzel, but spicy? The Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Pretzel is a sourdough pretzel dipped in “cheetle” (Flamin’ Hot Cheetos dust) and coated in crunched Cheetos.

Pizza Dawwg (sections 3, 133 and 214)

Pizza or hot dog? This may be the hardest choice to make at the ballpark. Not anymore! Rangers came up with a solution: combining the two. Pepperoni and mozzarella cheese on top of the Texas Chili Company all-Angus beef hot dog make a perfect match.

PLT Sandwich (section 101)

Vegans can now enjoy the ballpark even more with this PLT Sandwich. BLT’s “B” usually stands for bacon but not here — PLT’s “P” stands for portabella mushrooms. The sandwich includes mushrooms, lettuce, sliced tomato and vegan mayo. 

Ballpark Classics are of course available. Here are the list and places you can get them.

Hurtado Barbecue (section 141) serves brisket elotes, brisket nachos, brisket sandwiches, barria tacos and beef ribs.

Backstop Burgers (sections 108 and 121) sells cheeseburgers, cheese fries, pretzels and jumbo hot dogs.

Go Deep Fried (sections 121,224 and 230) has corn dogs, hot dogs, fries and fennel cakes.

Abner Doubledogs (sections 2, 121, 224 and sky box 1-4) makes hot dogs, burgers, nachos, peanuts and popcorn.

Pluckers (section 131) has saucy wings, tenders and fries.

Scoops (sections 6, 102 and 235) serves ice cream in a tiny helmet.

If you don’t want to miss any of the game, place a mobile order from your phone. Your food and drinks will be delivered to your seat. This year, Globe Life Field is offering mobile orders and delivery via the MLB Ballpark app.