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Frisco Police Warns Residents About ‘Blinker Fluid’ Scam

“Blinker fluid is not required in your car,” police said. “In fact, it doesn't exist.”

The Frisco Police Department is warning residents of a new scam that may seem obvious to some, but not all — the infamous blinker fluid. 

Because there is no such thing as blinker fluid. 

In a social media post, the police department is warning Frisco residents of a scam in which folks are told they need blinker fluid in order for their car to run properly. "Blinker fluid is not required in your car,” the Frisco Police Department said. “In fact, it doesn't exist. The only way your turn signal works is when YOU activate it!"

“Do your part to increase traffic safety and courtesy, while reducing road rage and crashes,” the department added. 

As humorous as this may sound, the blinker fluid issue isn’t the only scam affecting Collin County. Previously, the Plano Police Department warned about cyber-scammers exploiting search engine algorithms. According to the post, cybercriminals are using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics to rank fraudulent websites at the top of search results.

"Scammers purchase ads to position fraudulent websites at the TOP of search results, disguising them to mimic trustworthy sites," the Plano Police Department stated in the Facebook post.

The department also encourages users to remain vigilant, report scam sites to the affected companies' fraud departments, and contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center if they encounter fraudulent activity online. Victims of such scams are urged to contact their local law enforcement agencies to file reports and receive additional guidance on safeguarding their accounts.

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