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Frisco, Texas Company Launches Pet Adoption App

Petszel easily connects shelters, vets and future pet owners

Frisco-based Petszel LLC recently unveiled its innovative platform designed to transform the post-adoption process for shelters and pet owners. This platform streamlines connections between shelters, new pet owners and local pet and veterinary services.

The new platform, called Petszel, focuses on the critical early stages, spanning from adoption to establishing ongoing pet care routines. Adopters benefit from tailored product and service recommendations, as well as effortless connections with nearby care and health providers. This integrated platform is customized for shelters, provided to them at no cost, and optimizes their post-adoption procedures, ensuring uniform digital experiences and better-prepared pet owners.

"As a lifelong animal lover and pet/vet entrepreneur, I am excited to introduce this revolutionary solution,” Co-founder and CEO Matt Russell said in an official statement. “Our mission is to bridge the communication gap between shelters, pet parents and pet/vet services, fostering continuity of care for our pets."

Petszel offers several notable features, including simplified appointment scheduling, personalized pet care suggestions, breed and age-specific educational resources through articles and videos as well as additional functionalities. 

For new pet adopters, swift access to pet health and behavior information, along with guidance on selecting food, supplies and assistance, is crucial. Petszel acts as a central hub for such information, transforming the initial phase of pet adoption from an overwhelming and stressful experience into an enjoyable one.

Rather than burdening adopters with daunting stacks of paper, Petszel provides a digital package containing medical and behavioral insights, recommendations and shelter stay notes accessible via phone, tablet or computer. This ensures that records are never misplaced or discarded, offering convenience and peace of mind to new pet owners.

“By building a better system, we save your staff time and give you the comfort of knowing every adopter received the right records,” a statement from the company read.

Petszel is currently rolling out the platform to shelters nationwide. For more details visit