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Frisco, Texas Has Largest Gender Pay Gap In U.S.

Plano and McKinney also ranked among the top 10 cities with substantial wage gaps

In a recent study by, Frisco, McKinney and Plano were found to have some of the largest gender pay gaps in the country. 

In Frisco, women earn just 56% of what men do, marking the city with the most significant gender pay gap in the U.S. The disparity amounts to $52,216, nearly five times the national average, increasing $12,357 since 2023

According to the Census Bureau, among all occupations in Frisco, management roles exhibit the most significant gender pay disparity, reaching a staggering $107,344. Notably, not only do these managerial positions in the city harbor the widest pay gap, but they also experienced the most substantial year-over-year expansion in pay discrepancy, growing by $56,185 from 2021 to 2022. 

McKinney and Plano hold the fifth and sixth positions among cities with the most substantial gender pay gaps. In McKinney, women earn $62,079, equivalent to 72% of men’s earnings, resulting in a pay disparity of $24,568. Meanwhile, in Plano, women earn $60,190 compared to men's $83,605, a pay gap of $23,415.

Nationally, the career with the largest pay gaps was found to be legal occupations, with women earning 53.3% of what their male counterparts earn and a wage gap of $69,985. Health diagnosing and treating practitioners are also on the higher end of the disparities. On average, men make approximately $120,174 while women in the same career earn only 68.4% of that at $82,243.

According to the study, ten years ago, women in full-time, year-round positions earned roughly 80% of men's earnings. Presently, that figure has marginally increased to approximately 82%. However, the year-over-year reduction in the national pay gap for full-time workers is modest, decreasing by just $96 annually. 

For full-time workers holding a bachelor’s degree, the gender pay gap widens significantly to 70%, according to the Census Bureau

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