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K9 Deputy Umber Joins Collin County Sheriff’s Office

New tech-sniffing K9 enhances law enforcement efforts in child abuse and computer crimes units

The Collin County Sheriff's Office announced the addition of K9 Deputy Umber, a two-year-old English Labrador from Michigan, to its team. According to a post on the CCSO Facebook page, Umber will collaborate with Lieutenant Langwell in the child abuse and computer crimes special units, contributing her unique skill in electronic storage detection.

Umber’s integration into the CCSO was made possible through the support of Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), a non-profit organization dedicated to combating human trafficking and child exploitation. O.U.R. funded Umber’s acquisition and training for her and her handler. Lt. Langwell and Umber recently completed their training with Jordan Detection K9 - Electronic Detection K9 and are ready to commence their duties.

Lt. Langwell shared some of Umber’s distinctive traits. According to the post, one notable behavior is Umber's excitement when her collar is removed, which she then grabs and flings around playfully. “The first time she did this, the metal latch smacked her right in the head, and she looked at him with the saddest eyes, as if to say, "How could you let this happen?", said Lt. Langwell, resulting in what he described as a "sad Eeyore-like" expression. Additionally, Umber is still adjusting to certain sounds, such as Velcro, and uniquely prefers riding on the left side of a helicopter.

“Her eyes might look sad, but she’s one happy pup, and we’re delighted to have her!” reads the post. Umber is a happy and spirited dog, bringing enthusiasm and a rare capability to the CCSO. The Sheriff’s Office invites the community to join them in welcoming K9 Deputy Umber and encourages everyone to learn more about the vital work of O.U.R. in supporting law enforcement and fighting human trafficking globally.

For more information on Operation Underground Railroad and their initiatives, visit their website.

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