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Massive Development Rejected By City Of Plano

The redevelopment proposed apartments, commercial space and a hotel
Photo: Bay West Development

On May 1, 2023, the Plano Planning and Zoning Commission rejected a proposal to redevelop the Fry's lot located on Plano Parkway and Executive Drive in Plano. The decision was made through a vote of 4-3.

At 700 E Plano Parkway, Bay West Development proposed 501 apartment units, 33 townhomes and 70,000 square feet of commercial use for the site. The proposed commercial use, according to the applicant’s plan, includes office space and a 100-room hotel. The redevelopment would also have provided residents access to the Richardson DART station and restaurants within the City Line district.

Initially, the development plan consisted of two phases: the first phase focused on residential development, while the second phase would include office space and a hotel. However, the proposal was tabled in March due to concerns regarding noise and phasing.

To mitigate the noise concerns, the applicant proposed increasing the setback from President George Bush Turnpike to 435 feet and installing temporary green buffers until the hotel and office space construction was finalized. 

According to Senior Planner Donna Sepulvado, the proposed development faces several issues, such as non-compliance with the comprehensive plan and the city's environmental health policies. She also mentioned that the zoning in the north, west and south areas is incompatible with residential zoning.

Some of the planning and zoning commissioners raised concerns about traffic-related pollution and the particulates it may generate. Commissioner J. Michael Brounoff added he would prefer to wait for another developer to possibly bring something better.

Commissioners against the development also cited elevated noise issues. But, Commissioner Bill Isle noted a similar concept, Legacy West — which sits near Highway 121 and the Dallas North Tollway. Board Chair David Downs agreed with Isle and said that the city should be fair to all developers. 

Planning and zoning voted on the redevelopment project 4-3.