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Personal Injury Law Firm Expands Scholarship Fund

Applications available today for $100K in scholarships
Photo: LOAR

Personal Injury Law Firm, LOAR PLLC, recently announced they are expanding their scholarship program. The SOAR Texas Scholarship, which awards $100K in annual college scholarships to 20 outstanding female students will expand to students attending any university in Texas.

The SOAR program focuses on supporting women who are the first in their family to pursue higher education or who have overcome significant challenges. The application for 2024 SOAR Scholars is now open. The winners will be notified by April 15 and honored at LOAR Texas Summer Celebration on June 8, 2024.

"As a doctoral student at Texas A&M University, I'm so grateful to be a SOAR scholar," former SOAR Scholar Lisa Lozano, Texas said. "The award has granted me financial stability, and in turn, allowed me to focus more on studying and building my therapeutic skills at the TAMU psychology training clinic... Being a first-generation student, it's really nice to have their holistic support and know they're a resource I can rely on for professional development or just to talk about my experience navigating graduate school."

The recipients will have access to continuing education, professional development and mentoring throughout their college or graduate school experience. Ongoing participants will be able to pay it forward by participating in mentorship roles and all will benefit from the relationships these circles will build.

"As a SOAR scholar, I can confidently say that the SOAR program has allowed me to grow my network and support system in ways I never thought to be possible," SOAR Scholar Marie Valles, University of Texas, said. "Being a part of such an amazing organization and group of women has removed an incredible amount of fear that I hold as a First-Generation Latina student wanting to attend law school. My growth during that year is a direct result of having the support of SOAR and the individuals involved such as Amber."

LOAR PLLC is a fast-growing, woman-owned, law firm with offices located in AustinDFW, Waco and Edinburg serving all Texans. This firm launched SOAR Texas, a nonprofit scholarship foundation, to provide annual college scholarships to 20 outstanding first-generation female college students. 

For more information on the SOAR Texas Scholarship, to donate, or to serve as a Mentor, visit SOAR Texas