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Plano Police Highlight Men's Mental Health With New Program

Six million men suffer from depression annually

With June being Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month, the Plano Police Department is emphasizing the importance of mental health wellness for male officers.

According to Plano police, the goal is to bring awareness to men’s mental health challenges and support their well-being. “At the Plano Police Department, we have initiated a comprehensive wellness program addressing repeated stress exposure, which affects overall health, performance and relationships,” the department shared in a Facebook post. 

In 2024, the theme for Mental Health Awareness Month is "Take the Moment." This theme highlights the importance of fostering open conversations, showing empathy and providing resources to support individuals and families in their journey towards mental wellness.

The Plano Police Department also noted their compliance with regulations such as the Texas State Legislature Sec. 614.015 on Mental Health Leave for Peace Officers. The legislation entitles an officer to mental health leave without a deduction in salary or other compensation.

“Promoting mental health awareness and providing resources for mental health leave can contribute to a positive work environment and ultimately benefit officers and our community,” the department said.

According to Mental Health America, six million men experience depression every year — which often goes undiagnosed due to stigma surrounding the topic. Men are more likely to exhibit signs of fatigue, irritability and loss of interest in work or hobbies than show signs of sadness and depression. 

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, please contact your county's local mental or behavioral health authority crisis hotline. You can find this number by using the online mental health services search form.

Crisis services are available 24/7 and include immediate face-to-face crisis assessment, intervention services, follow-up, and relapse prevention. For more information on various state-funded crisis services and organizations, refer to the HHSC Crisis Services Guide to connect with valuable resources.

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