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Texas Ranked 5th Worst State For Women In 2024

The state ranked last in women’s healthcare

As Women’s History Month approaches, WalletHub, the personal finance website, revealed its 2024 report on the Best & Worst States for Women, and Texas didn’t fare well. 

According to the study, the Lone Star State was one of the worst states for women, coming in 47th out of 51, a number that includes Alaska.  

In the recent report, several key metrics were assessed. Texas state ranked 19th in terms of median earnings for female workers when adjusted for the cost of living, indicating moderate financial parity. However, the state’s 44th position in the unemployment rate for women suggests room for improvement in employment opportunities. 

The state also ranked 40th in the share of women living in poverty and 35th for women who voted in the 2020 election. 

“While the majority of Americans broadly agree on issues such as women’s rights, equal pay, public schools, public libraries, LGBTQ rights, reproductive healthcare and fair elections, state leaders have increasingly politicized these issues, passing legislation that disproportionately impacts women, children and communities of color,” said Director of Women’s Institute and Associate Professor at Chatham University Jessie B. Ramey. 

The state ranked 51st in the female uninsured rate, 41st in preventative healthcare and 31st in life expectancy at birth, indicating significant gaps in healthcare coverage. 

“State policies should prioritize ensuring adequate income and support during challenging times, providing accessible and affordable healthcare, supporting childcare, granting access to a variety of reproductive services and safeguarding against workplace harassment and assault,” Oakland University Professor of Sociology, Department Chair Jo Reger told WalletHub. 

But things aren’t turning up for Texas women. In fact, they are getting worse. Local Profile reported in 2023 that at the time, Texas ranked 45th out of 51 states that are worst for women. Similarly, the state ranked last when it comes to healthcare. The previous study also found that Texas ranked among the worst states in key metrics such as women living in poverty and the unemployment rate for women.

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