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North Texas Realtor Brings Acting Career To Selling Homes

The Golden Key takes a creative approach to real estate

Will Koberg is a name you might recognize from TV shows like NCIS: New Orleans or Walker, but maybe you’ve seen his name on luxury home listings throughout North Texas. 

For this Realtor, it’s a way to merge his passions. “I saw real estate as something I enjoyed when I wasn't acting,” Koberg told Local Profile. “I bring that unique quality to my clients.” 

The idea began with a $2,499,900 home for sale and the owner's love for entertaining guests. With the writer's strike putting a hold on Koberg’s acting career, he decided to use his talents to show off what the home has to offer. 

The result? A Mission Impossible-style short film that follows “Agent Koberg” while also giving an inside look at the property. The mission: finding the golden key — a nod to finding the perfect buyer. Since the video was posted on YouTube just over a week ago, it’s gained traction, both from perspective buyers and potential clients. 

“The one thing I’m always looking to do for my real estate clients when selling their home is to be as creative as possible to get the results they are looking for, especially in more challenging market conditions,” Koberg told Local Profile. “As a Realtor and working film and tv actor I’m able to be able to combine the two and create some hopefully entertaining and engaging home tour videos that make their way in front of the right buyers to create a great experience.”

But Koberg isn’t the only actor found in the video. The two men the agent fights are actual stunt actors. Koberg’s friends John Cann and Mark DeAlessandro, known from Walker Texas Ranger and even Sylvester Stallone’s stunt double, joined Koberg in the project.  

So what’s next? 

“Agent Koberg will make another appearance,” Koberg said. “Maybe the next ones gonna be kung fu fighting or something like that.” 

Watch the full film here: