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Dallas Cowboys’ Star DeMarcus Lawrence Launches Non-Alcoholic Beer

DrinkSips has two flavors available to purchase online with store availability coming soon
Photo: DrinkSip | Website

Earlier this year, a study conducted by CGA Strategy predicted that thanks to the increasing popularity of alcohol-free beverages, no and low-alcohol beer would become new favorites, changing the emphasis drink makers usually put on ABV (alcohol by volume). Now, as Dallas Weekly points out, Dallas Cowboys’ NFL star DeMarcus Lawrence is launching  DrinkSip, a new brand of non-alcoholic beer.

Keeping those who would like to keep their beer necessities covered while taking a break from alcohol consumption in mind, DrinkSip developed a non-traditional brewing method that keeps all the flavor of beer without having to remove alcohol from the beverage.

“No/low is clearly becoming a more popular choice for … visitors, and in particular beer drinkers,” said CGA client director, Patrick Bannon. “If beer manufacturers can reproduce some of the great tasting beer that consumers know and love as no/low alternatives they are putting themselves in the best position for success.” And that is exactly what DrinkSip is planning on doing.

The company’s proprietary brewing process aims for the non-alcoholic beverage to match any other craft beer. The perfect solution for designated drivers, people who can’t drink alcohol due to health-related restrictions or those who just never really got used to the taste to keep being part of the party and social gatherings while forgoing alcohol.

DrinkSip’s first flavors include hazy IPA with a strong hop flavor and watermelon refresher, a wheat-based option more on the fruity side. While these are available nationwide for purchase at the website, keep your eyes peeled for 12-ounce cans with cheery messages like “Live Laugh Drink Sip” and “Hangovers Suck” as they will be available at local markets soon.

Two-time professional Bowl defensive end of the Dallas Cowboys, DeMarcus Lawrence joined DrinkSip as co-founder and national ambassador. I’ll drink to that!