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What’s Going On With Plano Short-Term Rentals

The city is currently examining Arlington’s short-term rental model
Photo: Andrii Yalanskyi | Shutterstock

Short-term rentals in Plano have been on residents' minds for months, but since November, Plano City Council hasn’t touched on the topic.  

Local Profile previously reported that a vote was supposed to occur during the November 14 city council meeting, but was delayed. The council explained that more information had come out about possible regulations and decided to hold an executive session to discuss the new information. City Manager Mark Israelson said city staff was doing “some additional due diligence” before the topic would be further discussed. 

However, a month passed and the topic continues to lay dormant. According to Candy’s Dirt, the pause in the decision has to do with Arlington’s short-term rental plan. Lori Schwarz, Direction of Neighborhood Services, explained that Plano staff was directed to use a similar model as Arlington. 

“We’ve done a lot of investigation about what’s possible with the government regulation of these types of housing,” Schwarz said. “Most of them require some sort of monitoring contract.” 

Arlington's short-term rental plan includes hiring a third-party data collection firm to determine all the short-term rentals operating in the city, requiring insurance on all short-term rental  properties, creating a zoning ordinance of where they are allowed as well as a registration process and holding town hall meetings to gather residents' input. 

Arlinton’s plan also includes rules:

  • Maximum Occupancy; 2 per bedroom + 2, limited to 12
  • Parking: limited to the number of available off-street spaces
  • Physical conversion of premises (to add bedrooms) prohibited
  • Noise restrictions; no amplified sound between 10 pm and 9 am
  • Outside congregation restrictions: between 10 pm and 9 am
  • Trash placement on curb: after 7 pm the evening prior to scheduled pickup
  • Premises not to be used as banquet halls

Under Plano’s most recent proposed plan, any short-term rentals would have to register with the city beginning in January. Application requirements include providing local contacts, floor plans with safety equipment, insurance plans, inspections and sworn statements by the owners and operators. But a new plan could be presented to the council that will look more like Arlington’s. 

Plano City Council has not yet announced when a final plan will be proposed. Local Profile will update this story pending response from the city of Plano.