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Plano, Texas Among Best Cities For Coworking Spaces

Since 2023, Plano gained six coworking spaces, while Frisco gained five

As Collin County and surrounding areas continue to grow, coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular for workers in North Texas. 

According to Coworking Cafe, in 2024, 45% of coworking spaces across the nation are located in suburban areas. This represents a 1% increase from the previous year, demonstrating that suburban flex spaces are not only enduring but also gradually gaining popularity.

During the pandemic, remote work became the norm, leading to a mass exodus from cities. Now, many people are embracing this new reality, opting for the affordable and spacious suburbs over the more expensive urban areas.

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is home to numerous Fortune 500 companies, fostering a dynamic business environment that appeals to a wide variety of professionals and industries. The region's comparatively low cost of living, relative to other major metropolitan areas, makes it an appealing destination for both startups and established businesses. The abundance of suburban spaces further accommodates the increasing demand for flexible work environments outside traditional central business districts.

In North Texas, Plano leads with an impressive 25 coworking spaces, attracting a diverse crowd of professional suburbanites drawn by its robust economy and family-friendly amenities. 

Frisco follows closely with 16 spaces, catering to its rapidly growing population of tech-savvy professionals and entrepreneurs. In March 2019, Comerica Bank unveiled its endeavor to support small businesses with the launch of its newest Comerica CoWorkSpaces location in Frisco.

Similarly, Irving, known for its central location and vibrant corporate community, offers 15 coworking spaces. Lastly, McKinney added another 10 spaces, appealing to those seeking a blend of small-town charm and suburban convenience near Dallas.

In suburban Dallas, Regus dominates the coworking scene with 24 spaces. However, according to Coworking Cafe, there is still ample room for smaller operators like The Drawing Board and Serendipity Labs to expand, fostering a diverse and balanced coworking environment.

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