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Report: AT&T Stadium Plans $295 Million In Renovations Ahead Of 2026 World Cup

The sports venue will reportedly be refreshing its premium spaces, along with making numerous upgrades in other areas
Photo: David J Maldonado | Shutterstock

AT&T Stadium, the home of the NFL franchise Dallas Cowboys, will reportedly be receiving some major renovations in the near future.

According to Dallas Innovates, the Cowboys are planning numerous upgrades to the Arlington-based stadium that will cost upwards of around $295 million. The projects will be completed as upgrades for the Cowboys, as well as in preparation for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

The renovations will not drastically alter the overall look or feel of the sports venue, but rather will go towards refreshing the stadium's premium spaces that are due for lease renewals. The funds will also go to upgrading AT&T Stadium's technology and other behind-the-scenes services, Dallas Innovates adds.

"Unfortunately we don’t have any further information or comment at this time," a Cowboys spokesperson told Local Profile. "However, we anticipate an official release with official comment, details, etc. in the weeks ahead.

The numerous upgrades to AT&T Stadium would be occurring in advance of the 2026 FIFA World Cup. Dallas was announced as one of the host cities for the global soccer tournament that occurs every four years.

The Dallas Cowboys will reportedly be looking to get some assistance with paying for the multimillion-dollar renovation project, Dallas Innovates reports. The Cowboys will be inquiring with the league, asking the NFL if it will allow the franchise to withhold its usual contributions to shared gate revenue.

According to Dallas Innovates, to be able to pay for the work, the Cowboys will also be requesting a waiver to the $600 million team debt limit that the league imposes on all 32 NFL franchises.

The Cowboys will find out if both of its requests are approved at the NFL league meeting that will take place in Irving, Texas this week. Local Profile will update this story pending more information from the league.