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Surfing Facility Potentially Coming To The Colony

The venue would offer a surfing pool, a restaurant and bar, numerous cabanas, a hot tub and more
Photo: YuriAbas | Shutterstock

No ocean, no problem. Residents of The Colony, Texas may soon have the opportunity to hit the waves for some surfing in the near future.

According to the Colony Courier-Leader, the Colony Planning and Zoning Commission gathered on Feb. 28 to discuss the possible site plan for Fireside Turf.

Fireside Turf is a commercial recreation and dining facility in the works that would provide residents with a place to surf, relax, as well as eat and drink. The facility would be the first of its kind in the area.

Among the details of the venue's site plan discussed at the meeting includes a 2,195 square foot surfing pool, a 3,135 square foot restaurant and bar, a 1,554 square foot structure for locker rooms, a hot tub, numerous cabanas, a jumbo-sized video screen, a fireball sculpture and more. The overall facility measures out to be over 16,000 square feet in total.

“This is a high-quality venue and what we’re looking for is to be best in class,” Fireside Surf Co-owner Bill Adams said to the Colony Courier-Leader. “We want this to be the kind of place where you can watch people surf in an environment where you have a cabana and you can get food and drink.”

The Colony venue would be the first location for Fireside Surf as an establishment. Prior to Fireside Surf, Adams previously owned and operated indoor skydiving company iFLY.

Similar to iFly, Fireside Surf says it will be prioritizing safety, implementing such measures as a stop button for the surf pool, utilizing two lifeguards at all times, in addition to a rule only allowing one person to surf in the pool at a time.

A motion to present the planned surfing venue to The Colony City Council was approved by the city's planning and zoning commission.