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The 2026 World Cup And Its Impact On Frisco, Texas

Mayor Jeff Cheney calls the World Cup "a major win" for the city
Photo: Dallas Sports Commission

Dallas is one of 16 host cities for the 2026 World Cup. But Dallas didn’t get the winning bid all by itself: Fort Worth, Arlington and Frisco were all instrumental in bringing the beautiful game to North Texas. Today, at the Frisco 2022 State of the City luncheon, Mayor Jeff Cheney briefly talked about the 2026 World Cup and its economic benefits.

"All of you know that we are sports driven, and we work with the top brands in sports," Mayor Cheney said at the luncheon. "And there may be no bigger brand than the World Cup." 

"Frisco is one of four cities that were recognized to take part in this effort," he continued. "So, it's us, Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington that will be major players when this happens in 2026."

As of writing, it has not been officially announced whether or not World Cup games will be played in Frisco. But in today's remarks, Mayor Cheney described how vast the World Cup's impact will be on Frisco — and North Texas. 

"The economic impact will stagger your minds," said Mayor Cheney. "People will drive 300 miles — hotels 300 miles away will be booked out during the World Cup. So, what is this going to mean for Frisco to have fans to come, be based here, [us] host things at the National Soccer Hall of Fame, to be able to host teams and other kinds of things? It's going to be a major, major win for the city of Frisco."

Mayor Jeff Cheney spoke at the 2026 World Cup announcement in Dallas. Photo: Dallas Sports Commission

Mayor Cheney was one of a small handful of mayors at the ceremony announcing Dallas as a 2026 World Cup host city. Also on hand were Mayor Jim Ross of Arlington, Mayor Eric Johnson of Dallas and Mayor Mattie Parker of Fort Worth. Cheney was the only Collin County mayor to speak. 

"All the cities came together to offer something different," Mayor Cheney said at the announcement. "Of course, in Frisco we're known as Sports City, USA. Sports — and tourism — in Frisco are our lifeblood."

Later, Mayor Cheney wrote on Facebook, "It [the successful World Cup bid] was a regional effort and Frisco will be a big part of the festivities."

The 2026 World Cup will begin on June 8 and end on July 3, 2026.