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5 Things To Know About The Frisco ISD Board Meeting - 10/17/2022

Punishment based on race and rezoning were discussed
Photo: Sophie James | Shutterstock

The Frisco ISD Board of Trustee members met on October 17 to discuss a number of proposals and issues in the district. The board of trustees is elected to serve without compensation. Each board member has a term of three years. 

Here are the five things you need to know:

District Rezoning

During the October 17 meeting, rezoning of the district was proposed. As the Frisco area continues to grow, Frisco ISD must alter the zoning to account for more students entering the district. One board member explained that rezoning has taken place every year since 2018 and will most likely occur this year as well, but they have sympathy for parents and students as changes occur. 

Demographic projections shown to the board expect for the district to see an increase of around 1,000 students every year until 2025. Several schools in the district are currently at capacity, and the board is expecting to have to move students around to relieve some of the overcrowding. Because these changes are putting a lot of pressure on the district as well as parents, parents can call 469-633-6031 or email [email protected] to ask questions or give input. No official vote was cast, but the rezoning for 2023 vote will take place on November 14.

Significant Disproportionality

The term “significant disproportionality” is used to describe trends of students of certain racial and ethnic groups being identified for special education, in more restrictive educational settings and disciplined at higher rates than others. A presenter at the October meeting discussed the current trends they are seeing and used a “risk ratio” to compare the disproportionality. A risk ration of 1.0 is considered less likely than others to experience a particular outcome, 2.0 is considered moderate and 3.0 is considered three times more likely. 

The presenter found that out of school suspension (OSS), in school suspension (ISS) and expulsion rates have increased compared to previous data from the past three years, but do see a decrease in African American rates. However, this data still suggests that students of color are more likely than their white peers to face punishment, but the data is beginning to even. The presenter made it clear that this data does not reflect on whether or not students of color are being punished more or less or committing more punishable offenses. With the data, the board will discuss how they will move forward.

Designated Lockers

Four Frisco ISD middle school students spoke during the public comment section about their concern with the lack of lockers within some of the schools. The students conducted their own research pertaining to heavy backpacks and the back issues that can come from carrying around the necessary schools supplies. They found that many students have the same complaint. The group also explained that some teachers also agree with the addition of lockers for students who wish to use them. The students asked board members to consider adding designated lockers for all students.

Teacher Retention

One parent during the public comment section was concerned about teacher retention.The speaker has two children that have been in the district and has pulled one out of the district because of it. She stated that one in five teachers left the district and last year and believes that is has to do with the teachers not supporting the culture of the district. Including, the use of pronouns in the classroom and gender identity. 

The speaker claimed she spoke with teachers who have left or considered leaving and was told that some of the reasons have to do with violence in schools, lack of leadership from administration and feeling unsupported by the district.

Book Bans and Bathrooms

The conversation around books and bathrooms in Frisco ISD has come up once again during the board meeting. One parent during the meeting spoke about “legislative priorities” and believes that the district is more concerned about bathroom issues than educating children. Another parent pushed the board to ban transgender bathrooms in order to protect the privacy of cisgender students citing it as “abusive and cruel.” It is important to note that there are no “transgender bathrooms,” and the district has individual plans set in place for transgender students.  

Another Frisco ISD parent is calling for the superintendent to be held accountable for “sexually explicit” books in Frisco’s libraries. She believes that there are loopholes in the system that allow for pornographic books. The woman then read from a book that tells of a sexual assault. The speaker said that she and other parents are focused on removing individuals from their positions that do not support the removal of certain books.

Frisco ISD board meetings are open to the public. To watch the full meeting visit the link here.