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McKinney Considers New Public Green Spaces For Downtown District

The city says this would make it easier and safer for pedestrians
Image courtesy of the city of McKinney

The city of McKinney is suggesting public green spaces and parks for its historic downtown cultural district and near State Highway 5. As of writing, the city has three options.

Via an official statement, they are:

• Deck Park – S.H. 5 will be lowered below ground to allow a deck park corridor constructed above S.H. 5. between Virginia and Lousiana streets.

• Inverted Deck Park – A park corridor would be constructed under S.H. 5. between Virginia and Lousiana streets.

• Improvements to the Existing Crossing – Minimal enhancements to the existing S.H. 5 crossings at Virginia and Lousiana streets with wider sidewalks, but no parks would be created.

Residents and visitors can take an online survey to make their voices heard and pick between the three options. (In the survey, note that there is a "none" choice for the best solution.)

"Help shape this unique vision by offering input on three options that will make it easier and safer for pedestrians to cross S.H. 5  at Virginia and Louisiana street intersections," the city adds. 

Image courtesy of the city of McKinney

The spaces and parks would certainly change the look of McKinney. On Facebook, people are, of course, already chiming in and voicing concerns, such as how the green spaces will impact downtown and businesses or how the projects rob the district of its charm — while others wondered why the current construction wasn't finished and what was happening with the 380 bypass.

A feasibility study update was presented at the April 26 city council work session and can be viewed here. There will be a city council update later this summer regarding the proposals, and we will have to wait and see how the feedback is incorporated.

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