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Frisco Police Warn Residents After Two Bizarre Attempted Robberies

Both incidents occurred at Regents Park
Photo: alexfan32 | Shutterstock

Two attempted robberies recently occurred near Regents Park, and police are asking park visitors and Frisco residents to stay alert and aware of their surroundings and report any suspicious activity. The attempted robberies were unusual. 

On September 29, Frisco Police issued a press release about the two robberies that took place during the month. Frisco Police explain that the incidents occurred around the same time and area of Regents Park. The incidents were similar: both times one person drove a sedan while a heavy-set woman approached the victim to engage in conversation. Frisco police speculate that the alleged crimes have been committed by the same individuals.

The first robbery occurred on September 13 when a heavy-set female exited a black sedan and engaged in conversation with the victim and allegedly attempted to put a necklace around the victim's neck, before attempting to remove the gold necklace the victim was already wearing. The victim was able to call out for help and the suspect fled. On September 27, a similar event occurred with the individual exiting a black sedan and approaching another woman at the park. The suspect attempted to place a piece of garland around the second victim before grabbing the necklace previously being worn. Both victims did not have their jewelry taken, but suffered minor injuries during the attempted robbery. 

Police warn residents and park attendees to remain aware of their surroundings, especially if anyone is in close proximity to them. The alleged criminals appear to be targeting victims wearing visible jewelry, especially necklaces, which can be removed with force. 

This is still an ongoing investigation and police ask for anyone with information to contact the Frisco Police Department at 972-292-6010. Tips can also be placed anonymously by texting FRISCOPD along with the information to tip411 or by downloading the Frisco PD app. If you feel you are in danger or may be targeted by these individuals, call 911.