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Lewisville Places Multiple Nonprofits In One Building

Residents are able to reach multiple services in a single day
Photo: Serve Lewisville | Linkedin

Access to social services for Lewisville residents will be made easier now that Serve Lewisville has brought multiple nonprofits under one roof. The new community space will house the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Tarrant County, the Mission Market Food Pantry, My Health My Resources (MHMR) of Tarrant County, Denton County MHMR, and the Lewisville CoCare Team.

The approximately 8,000-square-foot community center is located on Edmonds Lane and is modeled after the successful launch of Serve Denton. Serve Denton is a five-acre campus that houses 22 nonprofits including the Denton Community Food Center, The Salvation Army of North Texas and Health Services of North Texas.

The Serve Lewisville Center aims to double its capacity to meet the community's critical needs in the next five years.

"Last year, they served over 31,000 people, just at our Serve Denton site," said Kristen Gramling, the director of operations for both Serve Denton and Serve Lewisville. 

The community has greatly benefited from having various social services, including food; housing and rental assistance; health care; women's and children’s needs; and mental health under one roof. By housing a diverse range of nonprofits in one area, residents are able to reach multiple services in a single day, making it easier to take time off work, get transportation, or arrange childcare.  

"Over the past 10 years, I’ve witnessed the success, growth, and impact that has been made through Serve Denton’s collaborations. Through this partnership, both nonprofits and community members are flourishing because finding help and getting necessary resources in one location has become easier than ever," said CEO Pat Smith in a letter to the community.

Serve Lewisville expects the building to be at capacity within the year. The next phase of the project will be building a two-story facility next door. 

Serve Lewisville will officially open on July 10. The center will host a ribbon cutting on July 20 at 9 a.m. The public is invited and can RSVP here.