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Local Profile's 2023 Wellness Guide

Stay motivated throughout the year
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2023 began almost two months ago, but with the holiday hangover and the cold weather pushing everyone to the coziness of their own homes, we all know the year really starts in March. If you are already frustrated with your New Year's resolution goals, rest assured we still have a long way to go.

To help you stay motivated, Local Profile put together this handy list of wellness-related activities to put into practice as you navigate 2023.

Get Organized

As the responsibilities and bustle of everyday life return at full steam, a clean home is a necessity in most households, but does cleanliness always equal organization? Maristella Bertram, the owner of My Space Reclaimed, is a professional organizer who works with clients to find the root cause of disorganization in their homes. 

“We live tethered to our past, or to a person that never was,” said Bertram. “Lack of awareness results in us putting things down instead of away.” Instead of just rearranging clutter into bins, Bertram offers empathetic guidance to clients who typically feel guilt and “perfection paralysis” over not organizing on their own.

Photo: Third Monday McKinney Trade Days | Facebook

Elevate Your Interior Design

Redesigning the energy in your home isn’t limited to a dramatic makeover! Painting an accent wall can be more effective than a new set of furniture. Consider nature-based shades that engage the eyes while still maintaining calm energy. It’s a cost-effective yet bold difference that can be paired with a find from Facebook Marketplace.

Plano Antique Mall

Everything comes back into style eventually! Browse the Plano Antique Mall for their well-organized mass of all things vintage from fine plates to lawn decor, portraits, chairs and more. They arrange each section of their space to be easy to navigate so you can shop for your vision.

6505 W. Park Blvd., Plano | (972) 424-2995

Third Monday Trade Days

If you prefer to do your shopping with some fresh air, then McKinney’s Third Monday Trade Days are your best bet. They boast a unique range of offerings, including “antiques, hardware, collectibles and live chickens.” (One of these things is not like the other?) Live music and food trucks are also in the mix because it’s never a good idea to shop on an empty stomach.

4550 W. University Drive, McKinney

Sutton Place

Browse earthy wooden wares at this vibrant shop in Downtown Plano. They carry intricately carved desks, exotic animal-themed statues and coffee tables that resemble tree stumps. Everyone is bound to find something they love, whether your style reflects a homey cabin or a tropical bungalow. 

1030 E. 15th St., Plano | (214) 563-0972

Have a wellness plan at hand
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Create a Fitness Plan

There are loads of options to strengthen your core and heal your body (try one of Club Pilates’ locations!), but for those looking to reach new fitness heights, check out Summit Gym. Scale walls of colorful climbing rock and learn the best practices for bouldering, top rope and lead. Summit Gym offers classes that’ll get your footwork and body positioning on par with the pros. For those who prefer a more grounded practice, yoga classes are an excellent compromise.
525 Talbert Drive, Plano | (972) 599-0865

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Make Meaningful Connections

Keeping your social life active is just as important as maintaining a fitness routine, but it's no secret that making friends as an adult is hard. So where to start?

Host Block Parties

Remember when block parties were a staple in our culture? They still are! Whether your neighbors are recent buyers or long-time residents, it’s always heartwarming to know that you’ve got an instant friend group just outside your front door. Fun fact: Plano offers a free trailer and outdoor theater rental to all registered neighborhoods! City staff will provide all of the equipment, including chairs, coolers, games, projectors and more.

Plan Family Game Days

Host a game day at your house by grabbing board games, holding contests such as relay races and trivia, and having every family member prepare one food item. We suggest going local with games such as Friscopoly — a Monopoly set based on the city of Frisco. You can also personalize games such as Guess Who by printing out small photos of every family member to replace the original characters on the board. If you’re interested in taking a variety of board games and video games for a test drive first, check out Farm and Feed in Plano or Nerdvana in Frisco. Both restaurants allow you to enjoy their games right at your table and offer delicious and unique bites. 

Farm and Feed
7401 Lone Star Drive, Suite B120, Plano | (432) 356-3467

5757 Main St., Suite 112, Frisco | (214) 308-9080

Send Flowers from a Local Florist

Kick off the inviting atmosphere by sending a gift from a local florist to let loved ones know that they’re on your mind. Family-owned and operated Allen Flower Shop has been in business since 1972. Choose flowers to match the season or opt for a potted plant that will keep your good wishes lasting longer. 

102 E. Main St., Allen | (972) 727-3268

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Connect With Family History

Action Video Service 

If there’s one resolution you should check off first, it’s getting those old home movies converted from VHS into digital files. Although it’s easy enough to find VHS players at secondhand shops, most of them run the risk of permanently damaging the tape. Luckily for us, Action Video Service in Richardson has specialized in keeping memories intact since 1999. 

“I would say that one of the most special projects in recent memory was salvaging 30 tapes for a family from Plano whose home burned down,” said CEO Lance Gray. “The tapes were soaked, partially melted and full of smoke. It became my mission to rescue those memories. In the end, we managed to save every single tape!”

They’ve worked with museums and television networks over the years, so you can rest assured knowing your tapes are in professional hands.

819 W. Arapaho Road, Suite 23, Richardson | (972) 437-2021

Family Tree

While you’re at it, consider working on a family tree to share with loved ones and educate yourself on the roots of your personal history. If you get lost down a family history rabbit hole, check out the Genealogy Center at Plano Public Library to view their document collections and take a class on interesting topics, such as how to scout for military records.

2501 Coit Road, Plano | (972) 769-4250

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Read Books

Instead of shuffling through the latest streaming service suggestions and being disappointed by the lack of reality on reality television, skip the screens and exercise your brain with an eye-opening book. Luckily for us, Collin County libraries have some of our favorite reads.

The Happiness Advantage, by Shawn Achor, reminds us that the key to a positive mindset starts with framing our outlook today, not waiting to achieve never-ending lists of goals. “Happiness fuels success, not the other way around,” writes Achor. 

On that same note, The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle, is a deeper dive into anchoring our thoughts to the present and not allowing memories of the past or fantasies of the future to dictate our emotions. We must focus on the present because, as Tolle points out, it’s all that we ever have. 

If you’ve been attempting to start a new business, write a memoir or even enter a marathon, then The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield, is here to guide you away from mental roadblocks and across the finish line. 

Gut: the Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ, by Giulia Enders, explores the ways in which our gut biome sends signals to various parts of the body, including the brain. 
How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen, by Joanna Faber and Julie King, acknowledges that reacting emotionally to inflammatory statements doesn’t solve the root of the issue. They offer solid advice, such as addressing and naming emotions so that children may express their thought processes clearly, share anecdotes of their words at work and create a calmer, more understanding forum for families.

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Enrich Your Green Thumb

Shades of Green

In a state where basements are unheard of due to soil quality, you know there’s always room for a lesson in landscaping. Shades of Green, a family-owned and operated nursery, garden center, and landscaping company, has been in Collin County for over 40 years and has the answers to kickstarting the path to a green thumb. They note that North Texas deals with black clay alkaline soil that has issues when it comes to draining and state that going native with your choices will save you time and heartache. Here are a few suggestions they offered.

“For color, it’s hard to beat Black-eyed Susan or Autumn Sage,” said Shades of Green. “For a taller blue option, ‘Henry Duelberg’ Mealycup Sage is beautiful. A great low-growing white bloomer is Blackfoot Daisy. All can take the heat of a North Texas summer, are happy in our soil and attract pollinators!”

For indoor plants, they recommend Golden Pothos, which grow in both bright, indirect light and fluorescent light, making them a great option for work. Anyone who has pets might want to keep these plants off the ground, though — they are toxic to us and our furry friends if ingested. As long as you can keep your longing for eating greens at bay, they’ll grow indefinitely.

7401 Coit Road, Frisco | (972) 335-9095

Fannin Tree Farm

Enhance your curb appeal by picking out a new tree for your lawn. Fannin Tree Farm can even help with marking where your utilities run and plant your new friend for you. They’ll give you the rundown on how to care for your tree and ensure it lives its best life on your soil.

15700 TX-121, Frisco | (972) 747-9233

The Harvest

It takes a village to raise a … plant? Rent out a box at this community garden and grow your favorite vegetables, fruits, herbs or flowers! Each garden box is 40 square feet, and you’ll love seeing what your fellow residents plant. Contact the Frisco Family Services Market to reap the rewards of your harvest by donating any surplus produce to families in need.

8300 McKinney Road, Frisco