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Plano Animal Services Rescues Injured Deer On Parker Road

A kangaroo also visited Plano Animal Services recently

Plano city employees often go above and beyond for their community — and for the animals of the city. On May 8, Plano Animal Services received a call from a concerned resident that an injured deer was seen on Midway and Parker Road. 

According to Director of Media Relations Steve Stoler, when an animal services officer arrived, the deer was stuck in an iron fence. The officer called for reinforcements and two other members of the animal services team came to the location.

Plano Animal Services Director Jamey Cantrell said they believe the deer was hit by a car before getting stuck in the fence.

Officers cautiously approached the distressed deer, draping a sheet over it to calm it down. The three lifted the deer onto a stretcher, securing it with straps before transporting it to their truck. 

Once arriving at the shelter, it was decided that further care was necessary, prompting the officers to reach out to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator specializing in deer assistance.

“A rescue group that has expertise in treating injured deer picked it up later in the day and took it to another location,” Stoler told Local Profile. “They will treat it and nurse it back to health until it's able to be released back into its natural habitat.”

A Youtube video was posted by the city of Plano of the rescue. The footage was captured through the officer's body cam. 

But this wasn’t the only adventure Plano Animal Services had lately. According to Stoler, a kangaroo also visited animal services. 

The kangaroo wasn’t injured, instead, it was only held temporarily before being returned to its home. No additional details could be released regarding the animal. 

“It did not live in Plano and was not impounded for being loose in the city,” Cantrell said. “It was returned to its owner the following morning and taken back to its home out in the county.” 

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