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What Caused The Plano Home Explosion? Fire Officials Have No Idea

Neighbors were quoted as saying they smelled gas
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Screenshot: CBSDFW | YouTube

On July 20, a $2.5 million house in the 3700 block of Shantara Lane exploded. The blast blew out the garage door and windows, and a whole portion of the home was destroyed. Debris was strewn across the lawn and street, and the windows of a neighboring house broke. But what caused the explosion?

As Local Profile previously reported, Atmos Energy crews conducted an investigation, shutting off gas and electricity as a precaution while they investigated the source of the blast. At that time, neighbors were quoted as saying they smelled gas. But even after the initial investigation, Plano fire officials don't know what caused the explosion. 

“We’re glad nobody was home, and we’re glad nobody was hurt,” Plano Fire Capt. Michael Carr said, according to Candy's Dirt. “The good thing is that nobody was home, but that makes the fire marshal’s job a lot harder. Atmos was out there and tested everything. They can’t find anything. We don’t know what happened. We have no idea.” 

The fire marshal met with the homeowners as well as Atmos Energy officials, the site added. 

“Four windows were taken out and the garage door was damaged," said Carr. The neighbors were home, but in the wake of the explosion, they went to stay at a friend's house. Thankfully, they sustained no injuries — nor did anyone else. Residents from the area told WFAA that the explosion was enough to shake their homes. 

"This was a very loud boom," one neighbor told CBSDFW. "We thought my house exploded, it was so loud."

The incident evoked memories of a similar explosion in the same area that happened in 2021. Six people ended up in the hospital, and the cause was later determined to be a gas leak.

But explosions like this are unusual, with Carr saying, "It’s not common at all."