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Texas Is Among The Top Ten Best States To Retire, Study Shows

Texas' best scores were for affordability and weather
Photo: Robert Kneschke | Shutterstock

Work defines so many things in our lives it’s hard to imagine life without it, not that it stops us from trying. Arguably one of the most important things work dictates is where you live, forcing you to juggle commute distances with housing prices and school options for families.

So when retiring arrives, it offers choices. With no ties to one particular location, other possibilities rise on the horizon: maybe you’d like to move back to your hometown and be around family or settle somewhere completely different across the country. Whatever your personal motivations are, there are a couple of factors that make a place ideal for retirement. 

A recent study by Bankrate (via. CW33) ranked U.S. states from best to worst for retirement taking into account affordability, wellness, culture, weather and crime. In the aftermath of COVID-19, the recent inflation increase has made affordability a crucial factor for retirees who are looking to stretch their savings. 

While the study shows Florida is still the best state to retire in 2022, Texas came in 7th on the list, not too shabby. Texas kept its place among the top 10 states in the categories of affordability and, surprisingly, weather.

Researchers also spoke with experts to add insights on what to consider for a retirement move. “Go to a variety of different places that you seem to be attracted to — places that have a lower cost of living and lower property taxes — and test them out for a while,” said Laura Kovacs, former director of education at the Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors in Arizona and a recent retiree herself. “Stay there for a while and see if you like the climate at the time of year you’re going to be living there. Make sure it’s really as affordable as you thought.”