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Breakfast in Frisco: the 10 best restaurants for breakfast and brunch

Are you a breakfast person? Or simply a Sunday brunch-er? Either way, we've rounded up the best breakfasts and brunches in Frisco.

Are you a breakfast person? Or simply a Sunday brunch-er? Either way, we've rounded up the best breakfasts and brunches in Frisco. These spots will fulfill every morning craving from pancakes, to veggie toast, to biscuits, and even catfish!

tupelo honey pancakes
Shoo Mercy Griddle, Tupelo Honey | Cori Baker

Tupelo Honey

6725 Winning Dr., Frisco |

Best Breakfast Pick: Shoo Mercy Griddle

Tupelo Honey’s Shoo Mercy buttermilk pancakes come in a fluffy three stack, finished with two crisscrossing strips of apple cider bacon, fried chicken, and butter pecans, two sunny-side up eggs on the side. Smother them in maple syrup and on the first bite, warm cinnamon bursts over the tongue like an angel’s chorus. It’s not a Southern breakfast unless there’s something fried, and Tupelo Honey provides fried chicken so crisp yet so flavorful it must be seasoned with magic. 

Didi’s Downtown

7210 Main St., Frisco |

Best Breakfast Pick: Short Rib Hash

This dish draws you in with the caramelized siren song of short rib that has been stewing in the braiser all night. Barbecue sauce doodles across the faces of two bright yellow egg yolks that are ready to burst over the bed of skillet potatoes and sauteed onion and peppers. Somewhere under there, pepper jack cheese is turning molten and stringy, keeping it all together. Didi’s Downtown has a fantastic brunch spread. But this hash is number one. Scoop up what scraps remain with two buttered slices of homestyle sourdough toast.

The Nest

7777 Warren Pkwy. Ste. 325, Frisco |

Best Breakfast Pick: Veggie Toast

Buzzing and modern, The Nest is the kind of place where mornings are always sunny, eggs are a perfect medium, and microgreens grace every plate. While most visitors are swayed by the cloud of ricotta cheese atop their Avocado Toast, too many people sleep on their Veggie Toast, spread with either rich, fuchsia beet hummus, or choppy basil pesto. The slice of multigrain also provides a sturdy foundation for avocado, pan seared mushrooms, spinach, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, and bell peppers. The Nest’s culinary staff are unequivocal masters of the breakfast toast. 

First Watch

5404 Preston Rd. Ste. 100, Frisco |

Best Breakfast Pick: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

First Watch might be a chain, but it operates like each link is a family-owned gem. Though outposts are scattered across the metroplex, each one prides itself on seasonal, local menus. One of their signature dishes, lemon ricotta pancakes, are thankfully offered anytime, anywhere. Two multigrain pancakes, made silky with ricotta, come on a plate, topped with a sunny cloud of lemon curd and freshly sliced strawberries. These hot cakes have a kind nature, gentle and friendly, pancakes that offer no ill will and won’t leave you in a sugar stupor.

Depot Cafe

6733 Main St., Frisco |

Best Breakfast Pick: Catfish Platter

The Depot Cafe has been owned by the same family since 1999. Though it may be hard to find—since it’s in the back of a gas station—it’s well-known for all the diner classics: huevos rancheros, biscuits and gravy, and bottomless coffee. The Depot Cafe is also one of very few places where you can get true Southern fried catfish for breakfast. While it’s not technically on the breakfast menu, it’s an open secret among regulars that you can order cornmeal-fried catfish anytime. Depot Cafe is also well known for their lovely, expansive vegan menu with plant-based migas, tempeh tacos and vegan French toast.

The Squawking Goat from Maple Street Biscuit Company was featured on Food Network, making it a breakfast favorite in Frisco! | Maple Street Biscuit Company

Maple Street Biscuit Company

3288 Main St. #111, Frisco |

Best Breakfast Pick: The Squawking Goat 

It might have a funny name, but it’s a serious chicken sandwich. The Squawking Goat is a Maple Street special, once featured on Food Network, and a first order for any chicken sandwich lover worth their batter. It’s immediately recognizable by its a fried goat cheese medallion that rests on top like a tiara, and for the sting of Maple Street’s housemade pepper jelly. (All jellies, jams and gravies are made inhouse. It’s a point of pride for them.) Eat it as it comes, fried chicken and all, or experiment with adding sausage or shiitake mushroom gravy. Why not go wild?

Eggsquisite Cafe

6801 Warren Pkwy. #101, Frisco |

Best Breakfast Pick: Very Berry Cakes

Locally owned and operated—with a punny name—Eggsquisite Cafe is a celebration of breakfast. It’s clean and modern inside, and options are as wholesome and winsome as they come. One of their brightest dishes has to be their signature Very Berry Cakes. They aren’t all that complicated: three plate-sized cakes fan out, absolutely covered in fresh berries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries in a pleasing jumble. On top of everything, berry glaze zigzags one way, and vanilla glaze the other way, and thick, cool mascarpone touches down on top.

5th Street Patio Cafe

8621 5th St., Frisco |

Best Breakfast Pick: Bananas Foster French Toast

In a historic house surrounded by trees, on a street near downtown Frisco that has still managed to stay quiet, you’ll find 5th Street Patio Cafe, an institution for lovely, long mornings spent breaking bread. Of all their breakfast dishes, one of the most indulgent has to be Bananas Foster French Toast. Just the name summons to mind caramelized bananas on toast as soft and warm as a bread pudding. That’s precisely what diners can expect from their Bananas Foster French Toast, drizzled with a thick sauce whipped up from brown sugar and simmered rum, and topped with slices of fresh banana. 

Mother's Little Helper at City Works will help get you through any hangover! | City Works

City Works

3680 The Star Blvd., Ste. 1300 Frisco |

Best Breakfast Pick: Mother’s Little Helper

This dish was built for hangover recovery and City Works isn’t afraid to admit it. In one bowl it contains everything you need to start off the day with some energy, beginning with a solid base of warm smoked cheddar grits, each spoonful made with love. They could have topped it with braised pork belly or breakfast sausage; instead, they top it with both. Take into account their smoked tomato and charred scallion relish that adds the ideal amount of sour tang—and it’s Mother’s Little Helper indeed. 

Up Inspired Kitchen

5285 Dallas Pkwy. #400, Frisco |

Best Breakfast Pick: Burrata Toast

Thick slices of both red and yellow heirloom tomatoes rest on a piece of crusty sourdough bread. Next, a chunk of burrata cheese, mozzarella’s creamier cousin, acts as both the main cornerstone of flavor and a base for shaved fennel and basil to cling onto. Rich, subtly nutty black sesame tahini has been drizzled everywhere, beyond the bread to pool on the plate with a consistency like olive oil. Wholesome and pure, the best part of this toast is its freshness.

Alex Cronin contributed to this list.

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