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5 of the Best Places for Seafood in Frisco

Hey Frisco, have you thanked a fisherman lately? Your city has some fantastic places to satisfy a seafood craving.

Hey Frisco, have you thanked a fisherman lately? Your city has some fantastic places to satisfy a seafood craving.

If something fresh from the sea is calling your name, dive into a sea of flavors at one of these 5 great spots for seafood in Frisco to reel in a great catch!

Dee Lincoln Prime serves some of the best seafood in Frisco... perfect for your next date night!

Dee Lincoln Prime

6670 Winning Drive | Suite 400, Frisco

Located at The Star in Frisco, Dee Lincoln Prime is an upscale steakhouse featuring prime steak and fresh seafood along with an extensive wine list. The restaurant boasts an in-house sushi bar behind a wall of more than 32 different tequilas for pairing. Consider the Ora King Salmon or the Miso Marinated Chilean Sea Bass, among other five star selections.

Mudbugs Bar and Grill

8075 FM 423 | Suite 120, Frisco

When owners Dawn and Hoyt moved to Frisco, they quickly realized that there were a large number of Louisiana natives living in the area that were hungry for more than just crawfish. They decided to bring a taste of their Louisiana roots to Frisco and opened up Mudbugs Bar and Grill in 2019. The robust menu offers just about any Cajun-inspired dish you can imagine. Create your own platter of mouthwatering seafood and sides, try a Snow Crab Boil, or get a little crazy with some Gator Bites.

Looking for seafood in Frisco that just doesn't miss? Rockfish is an established DFW favorite.

Rockfish Seafood and Grill

9179 Dallas Parkway | Suite 170, Frisco

If it swims, they probably have it. We like places that are consistent, and this casual, neighborhood restaurant fits the bill. Dallas-based Rockfish Seafood Grill has ten Texas locations, each of which offer fresh, delicious tasting seafood at reasonable prices. Go super casual with a Shrimp Basket, Fish Tacos, and Rock-a-Rita margarita. Try something from the Fish Market, or the rotating medley of specials posted daily on chalkboards.

K-Pop Burger + Crab King

2575 Main Street | #350, Frisco

K-Pop Burger + Crab King offers burgers with unique flavors, southern hospitality, and a variety of seafood options, too. Think of it as a place where both beef eaters and snow crab lovers can find something they enjoy! The modern decor and relaxed atmosphere is paired with a robust menu that includes wings, seafood boils, and wings. 

Aw Shucks is seafood in Frisco that will satisfy your next seafood shack craving.

Aw Shucks

4710 Preston Rd., Frisco

Aw Shucks is a seafood shack, but without the beach. They offer a wide variety of fresh seafood choices including fried shrimp, oysters, and catfish, boiled shrimp and crabs, fresh grilled seafood, fish tacos, po’ boy sandwiches and more. Try their "House Specialty Shrimp Cocktail" - a chilled beer glass mug filled with fresh shrimp, avocado, onion, cilantro, tomatoes and Serrano peppers.