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BODYARMOR Sports Drink Launches New Flavor With Dude Perfect

Perfect Pop blends classic cherry and berry ice pops

BODYARMOR Sports Drink teamed up with Frisco-based YouTube group Dude Perfect to launch an exclusive new flavor and bottle available in stores this summer for a limited time.

Earlier this year, BODYARMOR announced Dude Perfect as their official sports drink. Now, for the first time in brand history, BODYARMOR co-created a product with one of their key partners.

Dude Perfect started with five friends capturing their friendly rivalries on YouTube. Since then, they've evolved into a global sensation, captivating millions with their signature blend of jaw-dropping trick shots, spirited battles and comedic video content.

The new limited-edition flavor, Perfect Pop, is a nostalgic and refreshing blend inspired by classic cherry and berry ice pops. It features BODYARMOR’s commitment to real ingredients, real flavor and nothing artificial. The Dudes, long-time fans of BODYARMOR, were involved in every step of the process — from testing flavors and creating label designs to developing the go-to-market strategy for Perfect Pop.\

“BODYARMOR changed the sports drink game and we’ve been big fans of the brand for a while now, so it’s exciting to be able to bring them into the Dude Perfect family as the Official Hydration Partner,” Dude Perfect member Tyler Toney previously said

“Our brands are actually super complementary — we’re lucky enough to have such an engaged fanbase, many of which are young athletes — and BODYARMOR was the first brand to successfully come to market with a sports drink that didn’t have anything artificial in it — perfect for young athletes,” continued Toney. “Our partnership makes all the sense in the world and we’re excited for everything we have lined up!”

Perfect Pop is available now through the end of August (or while supplies last) and can be found online or at major retailers including Walmart, Sam’s Club, Albertsons and more.

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