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Denton's Gnome Cones serves sno cones with an extra dose of magic

It’s officially summer and anyone who has spent more than 90 seconds here in Texas knows that the heat here is intense. Brutal. Face-melting. Miserable. I can go on.
By Samantha Marie

It’s officially summer and anyone who has spent more than 90 seconds here in Texas knows that the heat here is intense. Brutal. Face-melting. Miserable. I can go on. I’m a mountain girl living in a Texas world, so my opinion of this state in its summertime glory is no romance to me. So how does a girl like me escape this extreme heat? I’m a fan of frosty food in the summer(and winter for that matter), so you can imagine my excitement when I visited the newest contender in the frozen realm of sweets: Gnome Cones.

So, what is a Gnome Cone and where did they come from? Business partners and fun-inspiring creatives, Alex Sparks and Bret Hawkins are long time best buds going all the way back to middle school. They’ve successfully built a business together already and wanted to start something new that included their shared appreciation for all things Gnome-y. Combining their college expertise in communications, graphic design, and film, Alex and Bret brought their vision of Gnome Cones to life. Gnome Cones are a twist on the popular snow cone, exceptionally flavored with all-natural, housemade syrups using fresh fruit, coffee and tea. The first time I saw one was while scrolling through my social media. My screen was suddenly lit up with the cutest little gnome-faced cup, boasting an icy red hat. I was intrigued.

I made my way to their location at the Denton square which just so happens to be DFW’s hottest up and coming food scene. These guys go beyond the traditional snow cone stand and are now a year-round operation with three seasons under their belt. Even though they have a seasonal stand in Argyle, this Denton-based brick and mortar location is a cool hangout spot with tasty new options not offered at the stand. The entire space is gnome-themed from the inside out. They’ve gone to great lengths to make it an immersive experience for their customers with brilliant personal touches including hand-painted murals, gnome statues, a giant working fireplace, winter wonderland decor, and a themed play area filled with games for kids. They even went so far as to have a voice changer that calls out your order in a hilarious miniature gnome voice.

In addition to the cones, they offer coffee, tea, and Gnome Cone flavored custom baked goods from a local bakery. Since all of their syrups are natural and handmade, that means each flavor will have its own unique texture and viscosity. For example, their most popular flavor, “Sweaty Yeti,” is a combination of coconut and vanilla—and is probably my personal favorite as well—will have a creamier consistency than the Goblin Berry, which is purely fruit syrup. One thing customers need to keep in mind is that since these are all natural syrups, they’re going to taste different than their artificial and more well-known counterparts. If you order cherry syrup, it’s going to taste like a delicious cherry pie filling, not the bright and perfumy flavor that the candy industry has inundated us with.

They also have a great sample policy by allowing customers to try every flavor before purchasing and they are so sure on the quality of their product that free replacements are offered if the customer is unsatisfied. I also wanted to give an honorable mention to their shaved ice. This isn’t your normal shaved ice. Their trade secret ice-making process produces only the finest, softer than snow, ice particles making for a smooth snow cone eating experience. I almost thought I was eating ice cream when the coconut milk was on it.

I’m so glad Gnome Cones is a year round spot now. With free Wifi and the intent of bringing beer and wine to their beverage menu, this is going to be an awesome place to get some work done, hangout, or bring the fam. They’re open until 11pm, so date night desserts are also a great option. Gnome Cones is certainly the place to add some extra fun to our lives.

Gnome Cones

Hours: Every day | 12 – 9 p.m.

Where: 205 N. Elm St., Denton