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Dinosaur Burger At Kenny's

You have until the end of November to try it
The Brontosaurus Burger at Kenny's.

You like burgers? Goodness, I like burgers. And I especially like the burgers at Kenny's

Say hello to the Brontosaurus Burger, which features a half-pound burger – topped with two pork ribs, bacon, brisket, cheddar, onion, pickle and chipotle mayo. Priced at $16.99, it's big, delicious and slightly ridiculous. I love it. 

During a recent visit to Kenny's Burger Joint in Plano, we tried the Brontosaurus Burger. Our server Marina, an utter delight, pointed out that if we gently press down on the burger, we can pull the bones right out of the pork ribs. She was right. Bless her. 

The tender and juicy ribs complemented the burger and were accented perfectly with the chipotle mayo. 

This is a calorie monster, so either pack in a couple of days' worth all at once or bring a friend (or two) to help you finish it. 

Know that the Brontosaurus Burger is only available until the end of November 2023. But it will live on in our hearts forever.