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First Look: Truluck’s Plano

The ocean’s finest now served at The Shops at Legacy

It's great to get a Truluck's in Plano, Texas — fantastic, actually. And I'm not the only one who agrees: For a Tuesday night, the place was packed. And for good reason. 

The seafood and steaks restaurant recently opened at The Shops at Legacy East — a welcomed addition to Plano. This is the third Truluck's in North Texas, with locations in Dallas on McKinney Ave. and Southlake. 

We started with fresh Florida stone crab claws, which, Truluck's says, are pulled from the traps, never frozen and are served, pre-cracked, all in under 24 hours. That's no easy feat, and the logistics are commendable because the result is delicious. 

This was followed by some seriously delicious lobster bisque and impressive king crab — as well as a ribeye. The steak was an excellent cut of meat and cooked to perfection. If you want meat, Truluck's will not let you down. But this is Truluck's! And the seafood is so darn good and so beautiful, do yourself a favor: order ocean fare. 

I have a theory. You can tell how great a restaurant is by how well they do almost inconsequential menu items, the stuff that people might not finish or that isn't the showstoppers — the afterthoughts. 

At Truluck's there are no afterthoughts, and, perhaps, better yet, no skimpy portions on sides and salads, which isn't always true in fine dining. You order a Caesar salad, and you get a proper Caesar salad. Order a side of creamed spinach, and you get a proper serving. Order Parker rolls, and you'll have to keep yourself from filling up or ordering more. We sure did. 

Truluck's does seafood very, very well. That we expected. What we didn't have was that same expertise and desire for excellence to care throughout, from drinks to even the rolls. But we're sure glad it does. 

As the evening rolled on, I noticed how guests ate, drank and chatted well into the evening. And for good reason: Truluck's is an experience to savor and enjoy.