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Five environmentally friendly restaurants in Collin County

Whether it's tossing paper and plastic waste, or opting to drink with no straw, there are many ways one can make an impact with each meal.

Whether it's tossing paper and plastic waste, or opting to drink with no straw, there are many ways one can make an impact with each meal. In our nation's current poltical climate, environmental issues are pressing, and while things like climate change, sea pollution and the melting of the polar ice caps seem beyond our control, we can make a huge impact by taking a few small steps.

In Collin County, there are many restaurants that promote environmental responsibility and help each customer take steps to reduce their carbon footprint.


Located in The Star, CrushCraft offers an incredible selection of Thai dishes, including their signature Kra Pao and Drunken Noodles. Not only is CrushCraft delicious, but it is quite literally one of the most environmentally conscious restaurants in Collin County. All of their drinks are served with paper straws, and their plates, bowls and silverware are all compostable.

3675 Gaylord Pkwy, #1105, Frisco | | 972.712.8888

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As Texas' first certified green restaurant, Bellagreen has made a commitment to making the earth more beautiful with each meal. Each of their stores is built with sustainable furnishings and building materials and utilize alternative power sources. Drinks pour from low-flowing taps and employees are trained to practice water conservation and pollution reduction.

Image source: @eatbellagreen on Facebook

5717 Legacy Dr. #180, Plano | | 972.546.0402

Original Chopshop

Whether you're gluten free, dairy free, vegan or vegetarian, Original Chopshop can work with nearly any dietary restriction imaginable. Guests at Original Chopshop can customize bowls, wraps and sandwiches to their likings, with delicious and flavorful meat, veggie and grain options. Not to mention, they have a great selection of smoothies, juices and kombucha, all of which are served in compostable cups.

Image source: @OriginalChopShop on Facebook

5717 Legacy Dr. #185 | | 972.546.0462

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Tacodeli emphasizes the importance of quality ingredients and quality of life for its employees, customers and sources alike. Tacodeli sources from over 20 different local farmers, ranchers and fisherman and uses only high-quality meats, including sustainable salmon and humane pork. They are only open until 3:00 p.m. for the sake of promoting a happy workplace in which employees are not overworked and are able to come in the next day relaxed enough to serve up top quality tacos.

Image source: @Tacodeli on Facebook

2401 Preston Rd., Plano | | 972.200.5101

True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen is committed to promoting eating habits to help increase overall happiness by way of anti-inflammatory eating. By eliminating inflammatory foods from their diets, consumers are able to achieve and maintain optimum health over their lifetimes. Every dish at True Food Kitchen can be customized to align with one's dietary restrictions. True Food Kitchen also goes to great lengths to source their ingredients with integrity, partnering with farms who are committed to the same values as they are.

Image source: @truefoodkitchenplano on Facebook

7602 Windrose Ave #F100, Plano | | 214.291.9591.