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Interview with Chef Vijay Sadhu: Redefining Culinary Excellence At FANZO

Renowned for his culinary expertise, Chef Vijay Sadhu shares his journey into the world of cooking

Renowned for his culinary expertise, Chef Vijay Sadhu shares his journey into the world of cooking.

On April 14, FANZO Sports Bar in Frisco, Texas, welcomed guests to a watch party for the premiere of Food Network’s adrenaline-fueled cooking competition, 24 in 24 Last Standing Chef. Among the contestants were two esteemed North Texas residents: FANZO’s executive chef Vijay Sadhu and chef Kess Eshun. The event, held at FANZO's upscale locale in the heart of Frisco, was an evening of culinary delights and high-stakes drama as guests tuned in to witness the culinary prowess of these local talents.

Chef Vijay Sadhu, renowned for his culinary expertise and appearances on popular shows like Beat Bobby Flay and Cutthroat Kitchen, shared his journey into the world of cooking during an exclusive interview with Local Profile. 

Local Profile: How did you get into cooking? Why did you become a chef?

Chef Vijay Sadhu: I love food! I love the flavors and the aromas, even as a kid. I remember smelling all the ingredients, like cinnamon, cardamom and curry leaves, like perfume throughout the house. I worked hard and started my career from scratch as a saucier and a grill cook, and even at a French restaurant in Washington, D.C. I faced a lot of hurdles trying to be taken seriously as often the only brown person cooking at these restaurants, but I’ve been fortunate to help change the system and work with some amazing people along the way.

LP: You’ve had an extensive career as a chef in North Texas. How did you get involved with FANZO?

CVS: I got involved with FANZO when four friends contacted me two years ago. They wanted to open a sports bar but wanted someone with industry experience to help bring their vision to life. As a consultant, I helped with everything from the menu to the design and kitchen layout.

LP: Why did y’all pick Frisco as the location for FANZO?

CVS: The whole team lives in the northern suburbs and wanted to open a concept in their community that they and their neighbors could enjoy.

LP: What dish are you most proud of? Which is your favorite? What is a must-try? Any surprises?

CVS: My favorite dishes at FANZO are the gochujang chicken lollipops, the bang bang chicken, and the braised short rib made with Mexican curry mole sauce and fenugreek mashed potatoes. But everything is great; you really can’t go wrong.

LP: What kind of food do you enjoy eating when you’re not working?

CVS: I love anything flavorful. Food has no boundaries, and I like all kinds of flavors. North Texas is so dear to me, and I love Tex-Mex and southwestern dishes. The chilies and the spices inspire me. I am also a big fan of anything made by my friend Tim Byres. He is so inspiring and got me into barbecue.

LP: What has the reaction been like to FANZO?

CVS: Guests have had a great reaction to FANZO, and the reviews have been good. We are excited to continue welcoming guests in to experience it.

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