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Lombardi Family Concepts Debuts The Art Of Cocktails Series

The inaugural Art of Cocktails class will take place at Maison Chinoise on April 9, 2024

Discover the art of cocktails with Lombardi Family Concepts this spring. Spearheaded by Lombardi's Director of Beverage, Andrew Stofko, guests can take part in this new series of classes to learn about the sophisticated art of cocktail-making.

The inaugural Art of Cocktails class will take place at Maison Chinoise on Tuesday, April 9, 2024. Participants will be given a comprehensive introduction to the historical significance of cocktails, including the traditions that shape cocktail culture today. 

Under the guidance of Mr. Stofko, guests will delve into the essentials of cocktail preparation, learning about the tools, syrups and garnishes vital to concocting a flawless and tasty drink. The workshop will dissect the distinctions between various cocktail methodologies, clarifying when to shake or stir.

The highlight of the series is the opportunity for guests to craft their own signature drinks, leveraging the insights and techniques learned. To enhance the experience, an array of meticulously selected appetizers will be available, perfectly paired with the evening’s cocktails.

Lombardi Family Concepts is excited to offer this unique series to cocktail enthusiasts and novices alike, extending an invitation to all who wish to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the art behind cocktails.

For detailed information on "Art of Cocktails," please visit the Lombardi Family Concepts website. If you're unable to attend the event at Maison Chinoise on April 9th, look forward to future sessions being hosted at Lounge 31, Regines, KĀI, and Lombardi Cucina Italiana. 

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