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What is matcha? Meccha Matcha in Plano has the answers

Little Asia in Plano is one of Collin County’s undiscovered gems.
Meccha Matcha
Soft-serve matcha yogurt with mochi balls and matcha jelly, from Meccha Matcha | Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez

Little Asia in Plano is one of Collin County’s undiscovered gems. While this shopping center has existed in Plano for decades and has served as home to several Asian restaurants and retailers, it wasn’t until last year until the shopping center was officially named Little Asia. Over the course of the past two years, new shops and restaurants have opened in Little Asia, including a large Asian supermarket called zTao Marketplace, a ramen shop called Yatai Ramen Izakaya and a few dessert shops. One of these dessert shops is Meccha Matcha, which utilizes matcha in nearly every one of its items.

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Matcha is a powder made from slowly grown green tea leaves. It contains a higher amount of caffeine and amino acids, allowing for a boost in mood and energy. The word “meccha” is a Japanese slang word for “super,” and Meccha Matcha has everything a matcha lover could ever want, need or imagine. 

Matcha is said to have many benefits, like boosting metabolism and helping to catalyze the burning of calories. It is also rich in fiber and antioxidants.

On Meccha Matcha’s menu, customers will find typical match items, including tea and lattes. They will also find desserts like soft-serve matcha yogurt and match ice cream. Guests can enjoy their ice creams or yogurts with toppings like matcha jelly, red beans, strawberry sauce, mochi balls and more. They can also order ice cream or yogurt in the form of floats, with the frozen treat served atop a latte. Meccha Matcha also serves non-dairy items, including the matcha paradise drink, which is a blend of matcha, spinach, mint and matcha jelly. 

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Most of the items on Meccha Matcha’s menu are under $6. The shop is a small, quaint space, where guests can chat among friends or work in a peaceful environment. Matcha makes for a delicious alternative to coffee and Meccha Matcha has everything one needs in order to get acquainted with matcha.