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New Sushi Restaurant Opening In Dallas

The restaurant offers a wide selection of sushi rolls, sashimi, nigiri, hot and cold dishes, craft cocktails and more
Chef Shine Tamaoki (in black) and his team

Pearl, a new sushi restaurant in Dallas, announced that it will officially open on Sept. 14, 2023.

Led by Chef Shine Tamaoki, the restaurant aims to deliver a tastefully progressive approach to sushi, all while following Japanese traditions. All of the dishes offered at Pearl focus on seasonality, with a menu that was developed to avoid repetitive dishes and overpowering flavors.

“My goal was to make the menu approachable enough so that guests feel comfortable trying something new every time they dine with us, while not compromising on quality or tradition,” said Tamaoki. “We want to continually peak our guests' interests by constantly evolving the menu with dishes inspired by seasonality and the available ingredients.” 

Among the wide assortment of menu items offered by Pearl include various sashimi, nigiri and sushi roll dishes; cold meal options such as smoked yellowtail, tuna tataki, seared salmon lemon miso and more; several hot dishes like Japanese fish and chips, shrimp tempura and fried Japanese oysters, to name a few.

The restaurant will also offer a number of specialized “Chef’s Selection” dishes for patrons, which include seasonally-picked nigiri and sashimi, sake donburi, maguro don and more.  

Guests who are looking to pair their meals with some tasty libations can do just that with the restaurant’s lineup of craft cocktails. 

Some of the cocktail highlights include the White Pearl (Grey Goose vodka, lychee puree, lime juice, elderflower syrup, etc.), Red Pearl (rye, raspberry syrup and grapefruit juice) and UbeHome (gin, ube syrup, lemon juice and egg whites). The restaurant will also have beer, wine and sake options available for order.

Other features of the restaurant that will be sure to “wow” North Texas residents are the sushi bar, which gives up to nine guests a front-row seat to watch the Pearl chefs expertly prepare their food; a patio that is perfect for people looking for a more al fresco dining experience; as well as a one-of-a-kind lighting decoration hanging from the ceiling that resembles a fish swimming in water.

“My vision for guests is to enjoy family-style dining, however, if someone wants to dine alone and enjoy a sushi roll, oysters and a cocktail, we will also have a menu and ambiance to accommodate that as well,” said Tamaoki.

For more information about Pearl, or to make a reservation, visit