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Hop aboard! Suburban Yacht Club opens in The Boardwalk at Granite Park

All aboard! Suburban Yacht Club's bar offers tequila and rum-forward cocktails crafted to transport you right to the beach | Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez No two Brian Luscher concepts are alike.
All aboard! Suburban Yacht Club's bar offers tequila and rum-forward cocktails crafted to transport you right to the beach | Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez

No two Brian Luscher concepts are alike. After the closing of Greenville Avenue favorite The Grape in 2019, we’re elated to see his new concept, Suburban Yacht Club, which opened earlier this month at The Boardwalk at Granite Park. With Suburban Yacht Club, Luscher hopes to provide an escape from the suburbs and recreate the vibe of the golden coast.

Inside Suburban Yacht Club are several chairs and booths designed to resemble seats on a boat. The large bar, encased with bamboo, looks similar to a beach bar setup. 

“We want you to feel like you're on the southern California coast, at the corner of 121 of the [Dallas North] Tollway,” Luscher tells Local Profile. “In the middle of all of these glass buildings, we want people to just have some fun and relax, and have some great drinks in a gorgeous atmosphere.”

From the bar, diners can enjoy a variety of sangrias, wines, beers and some cocktails on tap. Proving to a popular libation over the past few weeks is the fruity and refreshing hibiscus paloma, made with hibiscus and lime infused Corazón Tequila, grapefruit, lime and agave ($13). If you’re not big on the booze taste, the hibiscus paloma is a good, sweet choice. Equally as refreshing is the tropical red sangria, made with pinot noir, brandy and island mojo.

If you want to step it up a notch, we recommend Suburban Yacht Club’s signature seafoam surfer cocktail, comprised of Casa Noble Crystal, Gran Marnier, agave, lime and salty seafoam. This bold cocktail, with hints of coconut flavor will transport you right to the beach.

The seafoam surfer cocktail tastes just like how the beach feels. | Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez

Before each meal, the staff starts off each party with a “toast to the coast,” giving diners a small sample of their daily rotating aqua fresca.

Now, any restaurant with a seaside theme is pretty much obligated to deliver on their ceviche, and Suburban Yacht Club’s socal coastal ceviche does not disappoint ($14). Made daily in house and containing a sweet and spicy blend of citus-cured seafood and avocado, this ceviche is a colorful treat and makes for a west coast style experience on your taste buds.

While the restaurant’s overall aesthetic may imply Suburban Yacht Club is a seafood joint, Luscher says it’s mostly inspired by California’s Baja region and their cuisine. Plates like the jala-piña BBQ chicken asado encapsulate savory, Latin flavors ($16). 

If you want to mix up Suburban Yacht Club’s surf and turf offerings, we recommend mixing and matching from the menu’s streetside section, containing items within both realms. You can choose two items for $13 or three for $17. We particularly enjoyed the short rib quesabirria, with a side of consomme for dipping, paired with the baja beer battered fish tacos. 

Short rib quesabirria and beer-battered fish taco. Gotta get both surf and turf! | Photo credit: Alex Gonzalez

Fans of Luscher’s other concepts, including The Grape and the eponymous Luscher’s, will be excited to see a cheeseburger on the menu, especially after not having a Luscher’s cheeseburger since the closing of The Grape. Luscher was inspired to create this burger after walking on a boardwalk with his wife from Los Angeles to Santa Monica. 

“I said, ‘Hey babe, you want to get a burger,’” Luscher says. “Everybody was eating a burger. And I was just inspired by how simple and straightforward it was. You could just walk up to a beach bar and get this killer burger with wax paper and a plastic basket. And that's kind of what we're emulating to do here; this awesome, straightforward burger.”

At the moment, Suburban Yacht Club is only open for dinner (or a late lunch, beginning at 3 p.m., because some days, you just need to cut out of the office early). As Luscher’s track record proves, Suburban Yacht Club is a fresh, new hit for him.

Suburban Yacht Club. 5872 TX-121 #104, Plano. Open 3 to 11 p.m. Monday through Saturday; 3 to 10 p.m. Sunday.

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