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Jalapeño bacon, anyone? Get addicted to Toffee Treats and Chocolate Sweets

Mary Louise Dubay, founder of Toffee Treats and Chocolate Sweets For more than 20 years, Mary Louise Dubay worked as a senior executive at a Fortune 500 hi-tech company.
Mary Louise Dubay, founder of Toffee Treats and Chocolate Sweets

For more than 20 years, Mary Louise Dubay worked as a senior executive at a Fortune 500 hi-tech company. During the holidays, she would make toffee for friends using her grandmother’s recipe. Every year, the toffee was a hit, and her friends would urge her to start her own business making toffee. In 2009, she finally listened to them. Thus Toffee Treats and Chocolate Sweets was born!

Initially, Mary Louise would go from store to store, marketing her Toffee Treats and hoping someone would be interested in selling. As she gained more recognition and got involved with networking groups, prominent buyers such as Central Market and Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream began to seek out her sweet treats. In 2014 Mary Louise got her big break with eatZi’s Market and Bakery. Today, her Toffee Treats are sold in all eatZi’s stores, and she continues to get new clients.

Mary Louise doesn’t focus on the amount of buyers she has, however. “The most important thing for me is to create an ongoing business relationship with each of my clients,” she says. “I think having excellent interpersonal skills, a sharp focus on customer service, and a sense of humor is a recipe for success.”

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White Chocolate with Cranberries and Pecans from Toffee Treats

Meaningful relationships aren’t the only thing making Toffee Treats successful. People love Toffee Treats – some claim it is “the best toffee they’ve ever had”. Maybe that’s because of the passion Mary Louise puts into her toffee. When she makes toffee, she remembers her grandmother, who is now in “toffee heaven”, and how proud she would be. And as the business has expanded, Mary Louise has ventured past toffee, to chocolate and even jalapeño bacon. With products like that, who wouldn’t be interested?

Speaking of food other than toffee, Toffee Treats will be part of the Dallas Chocolate Festival this September, being one of the few vendors who has been in the festival every year since the beginning. Mary Louise is excited to bring back her award-winning toffee and chocolate, with flavors such as Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee or Dark Chocolate with Hatch green chiles and roasted almonds. And we are definitely excited to taste them!

Dark Chocolate with Hatch Chiles and Roasted Almonds from Toffee Treats

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As for the future of Toffee Treats, Mary Louise hopes to keep the business going strong and maybe even feature on Food Network or another TV channel. So, look out for Toffee Treats on the big screen soon – and in the meantime, munch on some of their delicious toffee.

Taste some Toffee Treats and Chocolate Sweets at the Dallas Chocolate Festival on September 7-9. For more information, click here.

Toffee Treats is the perfect gift for any occasion, birthday, anniversary, corporate gifts, or for family and friends to enjoy anytime. Their sweets are sold at Central Market and eatZi’s Market and Bakery, as well as online, shipped throughout the U.S. To indulge in some treats and sweets, visit or call 972.740.5024.