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Ultimate guide to 10+ great hot dogs in Collin County!

The days are warming up. Summer is around the corner.

The days are warming up. Summer is around the corner. And what says "summer" more than a hot day, and hungry stomach, and a hot dog in hand?

Here are the best hot dogs around, with a special one coming soon!

Best hot dogs in Plano

This hot dog with slaw from Lazy Dog screams "summer!" | Courtesy of Lazy Dog Restaurant.

Lazy Dog Restaurant

8401 Preston Road

Among the many delicious things on the menu at Lazy Dog, you’ll find the Dirty Dog - a bacon-wrapped Nathan’s hot dog in a bun, topped with potato chips, blue cheese dressing, buffalo sauce and slaw. You’ll also spot some mini corn dogs on the Starters menu, dipped and fried to order, served with a liquid blanket of IPA ketchup and mustard. Bonus: your pooch is invited to dine on the patio with you.

Katy Trail Ice House

4700 W. Park Boulevard

Katy Trail Ice House is a popular Austin-style restaurant and bar known for its BBQ, beer, and lively, expansive patio. Guess what? You’ll also find a nod to the hot dog on the menu. Choose from the original Gourmet Hot Dog or go Coney Island-style and add chili, cheese and onions. If you’re in the mood for sausage instead, try the Shiner Brat. Pair your dawg with one of their 28 beers on tap and plan to watch the game on TV.

Five Guys

1201 E. Spring Creek Parkway | Suite 110 and 8240 Preston Road | Suite 190

It’s more than just burgers here, guys. On Five Guys’ menu, you’ll also find four varieties of hot dogs, each with their own special toppings. Choose from the Kosher Style Hot Dog, the Cheese Dog, the Bacon Dog, or the Bacon Cheese Dog. (That’s applewood-smoked bacon, by the way. Yum.) Each of the all-beef hot dogs is split and grilled lengthwise for a caramelized exterior. Pair it with some Cajun-style fries and a milkshake.

Courtesy of Mooyah


6100 Ave K | Suite 104C and 4801 W Parker Road | Suite 15

One of your favorite places to grab a burger and a milkshake also serves up a creative menu of Hebrew National all-beef hot dogs. At Mooyah, you can build your dog just the way you like it, choosing from 26 topping and sauce options, or select one of these two decked-out dogs: The Diablo Dog (pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, bacon, Choula and mayo on a potato bun) or The Full Count (bacon, American cheese, onions, relish, ketchup and mustard on a potato bun).

Courtesy of Oh K-Dog.

Oh K-Dog

3320 K Ave M  | Suite 105

This popular Korean street food is similar to a corn dog, but crispier and crunchier on the outside and filled with your choice of mozzarella, cheddar, squid ink, or covered in fried potatoes. This innovative take on hot dogs could give all of those State Fair fried foods a run for their money. Oh K-Dog also has a variety of Toasts on the menu (egg, avocado, bacon and cheese) - why not try those too?

Best hot dogs in McKinney

Baker’s Drive-In

1001 S McDonald Street

Located in historic downtown McKinney, Bakers Drive-In has been serving the community since 1954. Some of the favorites include the Texas Cheeseburger, Cheese Fries and Chili Cheese Fries, Chicken Strip Baskets, homemade Fried Pies, malts and shakes. What old-fashioned drive-in would be complete without hot dogs? Try Bakers’ Chili Dog or Corny Dog (both available in regular or jumbo size) or grab some mini corn dogs. Add some tots on the side! The full menu can be found on the Baker’s Drive-In Facebook page.

hot dogs in mckinney
Don't sleep on the hot dogs from Jungle Burger! | Courtesy of Jungle Burger

Jungle Burger

318 North Central Expressway

Jungle Burger offers a wide variety of freshly made (never frozen) 1/2 lb burgers, sandwiches and a long list of appetizers and snacks. You’ll also find gourmet hot dogs on the menu! The Jalapeno Dog features a premium size beef hot dog served on a split lobster roll with guacamole, jalapenos and tomato served with fries or onion rings. There’s a Chili Cheese Dog and a Chicago dog, too. Tough choice! 

Spoons Cafe

100 E Louisiana Street

In the past, we’ve told you the Spoons Cafe is a great place for comfort food or brunch. This time we’ll boast about their gourmet hot dogs. Nathan’s famous kosher dogs are served on Empire Baking handmade buns with your choice of fun toppings. Try the Plain Ol’ Dog (topped with your choice of mustard, ketchup, and/or relish) the Chili Cheese Dog (smothered in homemade Chili and shredded cheddar cheese), the German Dog (topped with Sauerkraut) or Spoons’ Slaw Dog (topped with homemade Jicama Coleslaw).

Best hot dogs in Frisco


9292 Warren Parkway | Suite 130, Frisco

While you’ll find at least 50 FrankSeoul restaurants in Korea, the Frisco location is their first in the United States. The fast-casual cafe features a different spin on the corn dog. The Potato Cheese Hot Dog, for example, looks a bit like a corny dog, but crispier, and in this case, is oozing with mozzarella cheese inside and has deep-friend diced potatoes on the outside. You’ll also find a Cream Cheese Hot Dog and a Hot Dog with Jalapeno Sauce. 

Haystack Burgers & Barley

6705 Main Street, Frisco

At Haystack, you’ll find big, juicy and messy burgers, sandwiches, salads, and yummy banana pudding. Another must-try item on the menu is the Hay Dawg. This grilled hot dog is served on a Challah bun and topped with Haystack’s housemade Pitch Fork Chili, cheddar, relish, and Haystack fried onions. We suggest that you follow your dawg with one of their five milkshake flavors, which include Nutella and Oreo.

Jake’s Burgers and Beer

6195 W Main Street, Frisco

While Jake’s is known for its award-winning burgers and lively sports bar atmosphere, be sure to check out the dogs too! The Flaming Dog is a 1/4 lb sausage dog stuffed with jalapenos and cheddar cheese served on a fresh poppy seed bun with hot mustard, pico de gallo and Monterey jack cheese. You can also go the traditional beef route with a 1/4 lb black Angus beef dog served with mustard and chopped onions on a fresh poppy seed bun. Add chili and cheddar cheese if you like!


2601 Preston Road, Frisco (inside Stonebriar Centre)

K-Dogs is another Frisco spot to enjoy those Korean-style hot dogs with their sweet and crunchy exterior. Choose from 6 different dogs, ranging from the All American Beef Corn Dog to the Mozzarella Cheese K-Dog or the Cheese Potato K-Dog. Add a Twisted Potato to your order if you like. The fun potato on a stick is similar to a stack of potato chips (minus the crunchiness) and comes in 3 flavors: sour cream and onion, cheddar cheese, or cayenne pepper.

Coming soon! A Chicago favorite

Courtesy of Portillos


Grandscape at The Colony, TX

Portillos first opened in Chicago in 1963, and has since been a favorite of Chicagoans and tourists who come to visit. Signature items include the Italian beef sandwich, the charbroiled burgers and the Chicago-style hot dog, with mustard, relish, celery salt, chopped onions, sliced tomatoes, a pickle and peppers on a steamed poppy seed bun.

The new Grandscape location will span across 7,900-square-feet, with seats for 180 guests. There will also be two large air-conditioned patios for 80 guests.

Read more: what we know about Portillos