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AI-Powered Precision Diagnostic Center Opens In The Colony

The 14,000-squared-foot facility opened to the public in November
Photo: Fountain Life | Website

The Florida-based preventative healthcare company Fountain Life opened a new AI-powered diagnostic facility in The Colony in November. The 14,000-square-foot center located in Grandscape is the company’s third precision diagnostic facility in the country.

With the mission of transforming healthcare from reactive to proactive, Fountain Life is focused on early diagnosis by detecting illnesses at their earliest stages while they are still asymptomatic. 

“If we waited for every calamity to occur, and then tried to fix the problem after the fact, it’d be catastrophic,” Fountain Life’s co-founder and CEO, Dr. William Kapp told Longevity.Technology regarding the healthcare industry approach. “Every other industry spends most of their time detecting problems before they arise and trying to avoid those problems in the first place.”

Like the Naples, FL and White Plains, NY centers, the new Grandscape facility offers precision diagnostic testing thanks to the use of cutting-edge AI technology. 

“We’re focused on state-of-the-art prevention, which means we apply technologies such as whole-body MRI scan with AI, cardiac scan with AI, advanced genetic algorithms and genomic sequencing to determine whether or not you have any cancer going on in your body,” added Kapp. “For example, we’ve been using GRAIL for over a year, which is a new test that can detect 50 different types of cancer from a single tube of blood.”

According to the company (via Dallas Innovates), this technology can screen for structural abnormalities as well as key indicators of developing diseases that could be asymptomatic or have no genetic indicators, which would make them difficult to diagnose with standard tests.

Fountain Life also claims that by diagnosing illnesses early it can help keep people from taking long and costly procedures and instead receive timely treatment with better outcomes and lower healthcare costs. 

In addition to the three facilities nationwide, the company launched Fountain Health, a healthcare insurance service that provides employees with traditional health coverage and adds proactive care through its personalized diagnostic technology.

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