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The Omega Man

Tywon Omega Thompson is not from Plano, nor is he Texan. He is, however, a “Planoite” and #PlanoProud.
Tywon Omega thompson

Tywon Omega Thompson is not from Plano, nor is he Texan. He is, however, a “Planoite” and #PlanoProud. Since making Plano home in 2013, Tywon integrated himself into the community through attending Plano Chamber of Commerce events, and with his electric energy and Cheshire Cat smile, building connections has come naturally. Today, in addition to being 2016 Plano Chamber Ambassador of the Year, he is also a running coach, a health and wellness consultant, chair of the Young Professionals of Plano…and a singer.

Let’s talk about the Plano Chamber. What makes you so passionate about the organization?
As a member for nearly three years, I have witnessed the tools utilized in the development and succession of prosperous organizations and boards throughout the “City of Excellence.” Personally, most of my business comes from being a member, so helping to promote it is my way of giving back.

Tywon Thompson omega

As a chair of the Chamber’s Young Professionals of Plano (YPP), what can we expect from the group through 2016?
Plano is becoming more and more attractive to young professionals. We are the Millennials and Gen X-ers being passed the batons to keep this city moving forward. Our goal at YPP is to  show the community we understnad business development, economic growth, advocacy, education, innovation and collaboration—the pillars by which the Plano Chamber stands.

What is your health and wellness philosophy?
Time and health are the two biggest assets we have, and time is the one one we don’t get back. Cultivate healthy nutrition by staying away from a lot of sugars and eat what is provided to us by nature. It is also important to make sure we implement stress management in our lives. A little stress is good, but it’s important to balance it with yoga or meditation, for example. Self-development reading plays a huge part too. Personally, it eases stress and is motivation to continue towards my goals in life.  I have learned and am still learning there are people who are where I want to be, or people who are going through similar situations, and self-development books help me realize I’m not alone.

What is your #1 advice for anyone looking to make a healthy change? And, how would you suggest getting started on a fitness journey?
I would first congratulate them for making the decision to even look at making a healthy change. I suggest starting off right by finding a program with a high percentage chance of follow through til the end, at least 88% certainty. Set a timeline and one or two weeks (depending on the program) before beginning it, gradually wean off of certain foods and/or beverages the program does not allow. This will make it easier to follow once it starts. Occasionally people can cut things out of their life cold turkey, and more power to them. For me, chocolate is a weakness; I’m a chocoholic.
Starting a fitness journey..In short, I would recommend finding a fitness partner or trainer who has the same mindset and will be equally accountable. And, create a fitness schedule which works for both parties. 

A man of many facets. What is it you do for work?
I began my own company as a running trainer and coach and now train 70+ athletes throughout the U.S. and one in England, which includes both professionals and minors as young as 7 years old. I teach form, strike, breathing and overall technique. I also give health and wellness advice, and sometimes even life lessons.
I am also a Health and Wellness Consultant with USANA Health Sciences, a health management program. My athletes use the USANA Reset program because of its simplicity and the results they attain by following the low-glycemic program. If interested in more information on USANA,  check out the products and search Reset here.
Independent marketing is another role I own and perform for businesses and individuals.
Of course, I am very active with the Plano Chamber as well. 

You’re a singer?
I am the son of a preacher, so I grew up singing gospel. I began singing at the age of 6 and once people received word that “Elder Thompson’s baby boy sings,” I started performing at special events—in weddings and at different sporting events. Two of my proudest moments are singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” for the Allen Americans Hockey Team, as well as singing “The Best Thing I Never Knew I Needed” by Ne-Yo to my wife as she walked down the aisle on our wedding day.

Plano’s hidden gem?
The top of the parking garage, north of the cemetery at The Shops at Legacy. I go there to eat lunch sometimes and overlook all the major construction underway. When I moved to Texas in 2011, Plano was far from my mind, and that was only because of its name. Back then, Plano meant “plain.” Today, it’s “creative, thriving, excelling.”

Congratulations to Tywon for receiving the title as Plano Chamber Ambassador of the Year – 2016!