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Plano ISD Might Close Several Schools

Enrollment dropped substantially over the last eleven years

The Plano Independent School District is considering the closure of certain campuses due to a sustained decrease in enrollment. 

According to FOX4, in 2012, the enrollment in Plano ISD was more than 55,000 students. But now, the number of students is closer to 47,000 — and likely to drop another few thousand over the next five years.

Consequently, the Plano ISD school board is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, Sept. 19 to consider a resolution to approve an advisory committee that will be tasked with addressing long-range planning and examining factors, including enrollment trends, facility assessments, programmatic and demographic data. A spokesperson for Plano ISD told Local Profile tonight's meeting will not focus on the closures. 

With a total of 79 schools in the district, a deputy superintendent indicated that it currently operates with an excess. The closure of campuses is expected to result in substantial cost savings for the district. "Continuing to operate schools that are not needed represents an unnecessary and inefficient expenditure of funds and a loss of productivity," Deputy Superintendent for Business and Employee Services Johnny Hill said during a previous board meeting. 

The actual process of closing these schools will unfold gradually over the course of several years. Details regarding the specific number of campuses affected and which ones will be impacted have not yet been disclosed.

Plano’s increased cost of living is likely a factor in the decline. As home prices become steeper, families with children are not able to afford the Plano lifestyle. According to a recent study, the cost of living in Plano is 21.8% higher than the national average. The city experienced the most substantial rise in the cost of living from 2022 to 2023, with the report showing a 9.5% increase during that period. Plano’s population (recorded in 2022) sits at 289,547 with 22% of those under the age of 18.

Tuesday night’s board meeting is set to begin at 6 p.m. Meetings are open to the public and held at the Plano ISD Administration Building Board Room.