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1,000-Acre Grand Park Vision Approved For Frisco, Texas

The park’s designers aim to create a space for all, regardless of age and ability

During the Frisco City Council meeting on Jan. 16, council members officially approved the vision statement for Grand Park, featuring more than 1,000 acres of park space from the former Exide property to Lake Lewisville. 

In 2006, voters in Frisco gave their approval for the allocation of $22.5 million towards the acquisition and initial development of Grand Park, according to the Frisco Enterprise. Since, the conceptualization of Grand Park evolved from approximately 350 acres to surpass 1,000 acres, encompassing an expanded trail network.

In April 2023, the Frisco City Council approved a $394,000 professional services agreement with IDEO, a global design company, to conceptualize the vision for the Grand Park project. IDEO's visioning process encompassed interactions with community groups through meetings and workshops, along with the administration of a community survey. Subsequently, a vision statement and guiding principles for Grand Park emerged, resulting from a collaborative effort that integrated IDEO's work and was synthesized by the staff. Then in October, city council approved an agreement with Design Workshop, Inc. for a site analysis.

According to Design Workshop, Grand Park is set to be a “world-class urban oasis designed to welcome all Frisco residents and its visitors to an intentionally designed community space inviting all ages and abilities to play, explore, discover and connect.”  

Grand Park spans more space than New York City’s Central Park, featuring diverse landscapes that include restorative zones and meticulously planned areas, as well as wetland cells and trails. The optimal way to explore and appreciate these elements is on foot or by bicycle.

“Unlike other parks in Frisco, Grand Park is a specially curated mix of traditional park elements combined with community gathering spaces that celebrate the diversity of the community and new development that complements the urban oasis that makes Frisco unique,” the vision statement read. 

According to the designers, Grand Park provides ways for residents and visitors to explore key aspects of Frisco's history. It not only allows users to explore natural green spaces like wildflower meadows and vernal pools but also presents more structured areas, including those in the museum district and other appropriately zoned districts.

“Grand Park offers multiple ways to play and balances these with opportunities for respite, creating a single, cohesive park experience for the visitor,”  the vision statement read. “From unstructured play areas where visitors can create their own experiences to defined recreational areas that can support pop-up activities, play will become essential for all regardless of age, ability or fitness level.”