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5 North Texas Cities Among Hardest-Working In U.S.

North Texas boasts low unemployment rates in each city

We all strive to be hard workers, but some cities produce harder workers than others. According to a recent study by CoworkingCafe, five North Texas cities are considered the hardest working in the U.S.

Coming in fourth place overall, Carrollton achieved the third-highest score nationwide in terms of work performance. This achievement can be attributed largely to the older population, who clinched second place in this category with an employment rate exceeding 32%. Carrollton also showed high employment rates among its working-age demographic, reaching 83%, boasting an average workweek of slightly over 40 hours. 

Frisco also demonstrated the commitment of its workforce, coming in at 13th place. The city boasts a low unemployment rate of 3.9% and an average workweek slightly exceeding 40 hours. Frisco secured the third-highest efficiency score among the top 20 cities, largely attributed to its rate of remote work

In 15th place is Irving, which distinguished itself with one of the highest employment rates among older adults, reaching nearly 27%. Coupled with an unemployment rate of 4.1%, with opportunity catering to all age demographics. 

Dallas sets a benchmark for efficiency and productivity with its notably long average workweek of nearly 41 hours and a short commute time of less than 27 minutes. Positioned as a hub of economic activity, Dallas establishes a high standard for workforce engagement and economic vitality. 

Completing the top 20 is McKinney, boasting a low unemployment rate of 3.7% and consistently strong performance across other metrics. The average person in McKinney works 40 hours per week. 

Local Profile previously reported that a 2023 study ranked Irving, Dallas and Plano in the top 20 hardest-working cities.